All Batman: Arkham City Pre-Orders to be Openly Available After Launch

A modern trend in the videogames industry is to offer a number of pre-order incentives to consumers in order to build anticipation, and to cement retailer confidence in products. Some titles need it more than others, and some titles go one further by presenting a selection of bonuses that differ depending on the retailer. The highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City is one such latter title, but as might have been predicted, fans of the forthcoming release need not worry about missing out on the pre-order bonuses not available at their chosen retailer, as it has been confirmed that every in-game addition will be available to download for all at a later date.

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JaredH2623d ago

They probably revealed the majority of their DLC plan by now and the games not even out yet.

MasterD9192622d ago

Thats why I'm getting the Arkham Asylum/Arkham City pre-order.