New Men in Black game - first screenshots

Activision has released the first screenshots of the new Men in Black game.

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Kamikaze1352618d ago

First Chucky and now a Men in Black game?

SilentNegotiator2618d ago

At least they aren't making another terrible game based off of "The Thing" which got a rema....
.........may God have mercy on us all.

These screens have definitely already been posted.

Anyway, let me summarize this for anyone not caught up; Cabela's developers, release date parallels near the next movie's, and Activision. You now know everything you need to know to NOT bother getting excited for this game and get your hopes destroyed in a few months.

showtimefolks2618d ago

well bad. MIB IP has the potential if done right with a good story and some great gadgets. I am hoping that since the movie is coming out next year it will give the devs enough time to make a decent game.

i hope i am wrong and this turns out to be a great game thing is we all been burned a lot of times being hyped for any movie game. Last great movie tie in game was Wolverine, if you have not played it must buy a great game

here is hoping for best for this game

Quagmire2618d ago

Agreed, I loved Wolverine. I would have high hopes for MIB too considering it has quite a few assets ripe for a video game (the whole detective/sci-fi/shooter aspect), however because it is being released alongside MIB3 instead of having the right amount of time and effort put into it as a standalone product has me worried.

NukaCola2618d ago

Wolverine was only good because the developers who made it, were originally making it a stand alone IP like Rocksteady did with Batman. They kept in a lot of the style and gore that made Wolverine who he really was. But the Movie Publishing people made it so the story was to follow the movie mostly and the game's technical issues are due to it's rushed relaeased to coincide with the film. I hope they make another Wolverine the way they intended to. It was a good game, but the potential for greatness was ruined.

Relientk772618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I have the Men in Black game for Gameboy Color. It was awesome, very fun. I hope this game is also great. It would be a blast to have another fun Men in Black game to complement the movie series.

Half-Mafia2618d ago

another bad movie game on its way, great :S

ForROME2618d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.