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Hellsvacancy2617d ago

Meh, looks like a rental to me (so far)

caperjim2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

This is the first actual video ive seen on this game but it looks great so far. The ammo indicater on the gun has to go though. Its distracting.

ATi_Elite2617d ago

I keep going back and forth with this game! this game play video wasn't so impressive!

Seen another one where the action was much more intense! I like fast paced intense action to go along with the Deus Ex feel! This video had too much hall crawling and lame enemy A.i.

pctrollv42617d ago

STEP ASIDE DEUS EX! i love deus and this feels like it but a lil more hardcore...looks tight, deus didnt disappoint, lets hope this doesnt.

Quagmire2616d ago

Deus Ex looks to slide more towards the RPG style of gameplay, whereas Syndicate slides more towards the FPS.

I havent played Deus Ex yet (arrived late so I didnt get the time to play it in the holidays, so will have to wait till next holi's), so its basically sitting in my cabinet, staring at me every day.

Kahvipannu2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

To be honest, it looks very linear and scripted, which isn't straight away bad thing, but something else I wanted/expected for Syndicate-game.

I'm still trying to get over the fact that they changed the strategy game, where you had freedom, and just nameles agent doing your Corporations tasks over the world, to (propably) linear fps shooter, where you aren't the corporation, but an agent within the corporation.

If this serie would be more recent, I would understand to have something different involving the same universe, but this franchise is old, real old. People who remember Syndicate, have been wanting new true sequel, not fps-spin off to please new people to the franchise. Why please them, they don't have expectations for this franchise, "ooo, look, a new fps with mind-control"... When people who really remember the game, are finally getting new one, and it's a slap on face.

Well, we can't get all we want, and true Syndicate sequel might be one of those things.

On final note, wasn't the Gauss-gun a rocket launcher in the original? It was great to take dozens of civilians with you using the Persuadetron, shoot few cops and arm them, and after that blow up the train and release some mass hysteria with Gauss-guns.. Oh good old times.

I might remeber wrong the name tought, long time since I played it last time, but would be weird if they didn't get that right...

A7XEric2617d ago

Looks pretty cool so far

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