Dark Souls: 10 most evil moments

OXM UK: "After spending more than 60 hours with the game, I'm happy to share the 10 most evil moments that Dark Souls has to offer."

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dirigiblebill2617d ago

Getting shot in the arse as I walked up to the Taurus Demon. Oh yes.

Tanir2617d ago

accidently 1 shoting the red dragon, making him disappear and causing me to lose the drake sword....Most evil moment so far

young juice2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

if you can 1 shot that thing... i dont think you NEED the drake sword lol

EDIT: LOL, screwed you

Tanir2617d ago

lmao!!!! it was with a wooden arrow. it was a glitch.

he gets hit, then stands up to move and disappears, a minute later you get 10,000 souls and lose the possibility of getting the drake sword and possible dragon scale from him :(

oh well +5 Halberd it is for now......till i find some claws!!!!

Kluv2617d ago

*chuckles at the commentor on the website that is still stuck at the hellkite.
But yeah, i think the tomb of giants is definitely up there, but judging from the fact that he didn't mention patches screwing you or the regenerating skeletons, i'm gonna guess this guy hasn't even gone the catacombs way yet.

Miths2617d ago

I'm too much of a wuss for this game so I'll be trading it in for Arkham City in a week.

I died maybe around 8-10 times in the 25-30 hours I played Demon's Souls. I died 35 times to the Taurus Demon boss in Dark Souls. And I'm currently tearing my hair out (well, I would if it was long enough so I could get a grip) over the Gargoyle.

I love most of the sections I've been through (well, except for that part I had to wade through 35 times to get to Mr. Taurus, which is now my most hated part of any game I've ever played), but the punishment that awaits at the end of each, unfortunately blasts way past my tolerance for repetition and my idea of fun.

And yes, I know most people won't need 35 attempts to beat that boss, but I also never claimed to be a skilled gamer :), just that I find Dark Souls vastly more difficult than Demon's Souls.

Game0N2617d ago

getting invaded in sens fortress or anor londo...pure evil whoever does that -_-