Payday: The Heist coming to North America PSN on October 18th

Sony has today announced that its squad-based, first-person shooter PAYDAY The Heist is scheduled to be available on October 18th via digital download on the PlayStation Network.

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J86blum2533d ago

Yeah, I pre-orderd it so im excited to finaly play it, has anyone said how the pre-orderds are going to work? is it going to show up in the psn and if we already bought it just go to a straight download.. or what?

TooTall192533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

If you pre-ordered then you will be able to download as soon as the store updates. PSN will also send you a reminder. If you are getting the game through the Play program, you will probably have to wait for a voucher code (via PSN message). PSN should have sent a message to you a couple weeks ago with the details.

acemonkey2533d ago

hell yeah...ive bought all the Psn play games to get this

finbars752533d ago

Can't wait except that Batman comes out that same day.Still looking forwa to both games.

PS3DOESIT4ME2533d ago

HELL YEAH! This game is going to rock

Ace_Man_62533d ago

expensive week for me next week! GT5 DLC and this!!

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