STN: Forza 4 review

STN Writes:

Forza 4 is one of the strongest racing game I have played, with some small additions it will be the best racer on offer at the moment. So here is hoping that Forza 5: A) doesn’t take as long to get here and B) includes weather and daytime effects; if it does then you will have the perfect driving experience, although Forza 4 is as close to perfection as you will get until that happens.

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Animal Mutha 762616d ago

Based on Turn10's comments on the lack of night and weather the only way they will be in Forza 5 with the 60fps and high detail tracks will be on the next xbox as the 360 has just about run out of performance headroom.

m232616d ago

I think the next Forza will be on the next system.