IGN - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

Jack Devries, IGN - "At it's best, Assault Horizon is one of the more exciting flying games i've played; intense dogfights and helicopter battles are a lot of fun. But it's also one of the more shallow and tedious ones toward the end. That said, online multiplayer and co-op missions make the game a lot more interesting. So if you have an Ice Man to support your Maverick, go for it."

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Surfaced2617d ago

I was playing the demo, but couldn't figure out how to barrel roll in the F-22 Raptor.

Did they remove the ability to barrel roll? The controls are still similar to the scheme introduced in AC04, but in Assault Horizon, the analog sticks function more like they would in a third-person shooter rather than an arcade flight sim.

anti-gamer2617d ago

if whant to roll go to Settings and to controle and set the control to oragenal. The cotrol well be like the old acecombat.

badvlad2617d ago

IGN sux this game sux i want the old ace combat back