Gamereactor UK: Rage vs Rage - PC/Xbox 360 comparison

Gamereactor have captured shots from the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Rage for a comparison piece.

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Bolts2623d ago

Texture quality is more defined on the PC but there's hardly a difference in those screens. It doesn't matter anyways since they both suffer from horrible low res textures when viewed up close and pathetic lighting.

The Tech 5 engine basically sucks.

B00M2623d ago

I think there was way too much hype. Because tbh the graphics look very standard, when viewed up close they look very outdated.

kevnb2623d ago

Looks quite a bit better on pc, but not exactly stunning. The game plays very very well though, feels like the gunplay was made for keyboard and mouse.

Picture_Dancer2623d ago

So many years have past, and still PC graphics isn't much better that consoles'.

ninjahunter2623d ago

This game will run on any POS laptop (yes sir thats right), so obviously its a good representative of what Console and PCs are both capable of when pushed to their limits.

MasterCornholio2623d ago

With the hype that people were giving the engine. I thought it would be a lot better.


hiredhelp2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Thats because this was purely done for the 360 guy's i own pc version of rage.
It doesnt even make full use of DX10 no DX11 your right no lighting or shaders done to a scale you expect on pc, physix is not good.
This was a port and pc gamers not happy well most of us in forums.
Its basicly consolized sad very sad as ID was one of the most respected devs once on pc.

That being said its not crap game but could of been soo much better.

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