Sony: 3DS gives a “watered-down” 3D experience

With the company’s own PS Vita around the corner, a Sony rep has stated that Nintendo’s 3DS is a ‘watered down’ experience, and isn’t a good way to judge the demand for 3D gaming.

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Optical_Matrix2623d ago

Yeah it does. To the point that I don't even use the 3D on my 3DS. Seeing as it saves battery as well when I don't, I find the feature so pointless.

princejb1342623d ago

i don't think is that they wanted to make the 3d more affordable but its that the technology is pretty new
3d less glasses will get better in the upcoming years

longcat2623d ago Show
SilentNegotiator2623d ago

It just doesn't fit as a handheld sort of thing. Between it being necessity to keep the system still all the time and the bus hitting potholes or you using the motion controls, the 3D almost feels like a hindrance.

"You can turn it off", yes, and then what? It's a "3DS". You paid $170-$250 for it. I guarantee that screen was a MASSIVE portion of the cost, as that screen tech isn't cheap. It's undermining itself.

ignorantsonsof_2623d ago

I can play Starfox with the 3D on while using the motion controls, and with only one hand. And I never had problems keeping the 3D effect. So I don't see what the issue is.

Number_132623d ago

Oh SONY, always got something to say about the competition don't you?

SilentNegotiator2623d ago

Just like every company ever, yes.

NYC_Gamer2623d ago

it's because they wanted to make the handheld affordable

MasterCornholio2623d ago

That isn't true because the 3DS launched at 250 euros with Nintendo making a huge profit. Even with the 80 price drop Nintendo still makes a profit with the 3DS. What Nintendo should have done was make the 3DS with better 3D while making a small profit at its original price.

Just my opinion.


NYC_Gamer2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Nintendo can't afford to take huge loses on hardware they are not Micro or Sony.....for them to deliver true 3D on the handheld would be very expensive...

KonaBro2623d ago

It's been reported that with the price drop, Nintendo was/is losing money on each unit sold.

As for my experiences with my 3DS, I kinda agree. The 3D itself isn't so much that it pops out at you, but you are looking into the screen like a shoebox diorama. Sometimes it looks good like in StarFox 64 and sometimes it makes my eyes hurt like in OoT. Comparing 3DS's 3D to the 3D from a tv screen is like comparing night and day. There's a huge gap.

bumnut2623d ago

Something is wrong with your eyes if you can't see the 3d pop out.

matey2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

no it doesnt its better than ps3 on the AAA games the graphics will make the 3d stand out and look amazing the cheap release day 1 titles will look ropey u cant go off release games lets see how MH4 and RE Revelations look ect and F1 2011 and NFS run maybe even WRC 2011 3ds these are games that look incredible in 3d so does Nanoassault that looks immence its fake to start talking of the 3ds's 3d power as there are no AAA games as the graphics need to be AAA to get the best out of 3D Mario 3D land will be another amazing 1 along with MarioKart7.

kingdavid2623d ago

thats one long sentence.

Venox20082623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

..and Luigi's mansion 2 with Kid Icarus!!! :) it's true what you said.. we need some time when more and more AAA games will be shown.. it's just a start for 3DS, when devs will get used to it, when they'll maximize everything what can be achieved on 3DS then we'll have a talk

TheFallenAngel2623d ago

Kid Icarus got beat up by kratos in God of War 2.

a_bro2623d ago

yea, he tore off his wings.. Sorry bro..

AWBrawler2621d ago

Silly fantard, Pit isn't icarus. He's closer related to Cupid than Icarus. He's like a Greek version of Michael the War angel. The game wasnt even supposed to be called Kid Icarus! It's real name is Legend of Light

Venox20082621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

@above ..I think you guys didn't see what can be achieved on 3DS and more, do you?... it's just a beginning..disagree all you want ..and it's coming in November, nano assault, baby :)

plus RE:REvelations

some of you are really great, 3DS isn't a year on the market and you want that devs could get used to it so fast?

btw: god of war wasn't made so early if it was made in beginning of PS2 era, do you think it was so pretty? yeah right..

AWBrawler2621d ago

Disagree all you want, but you all know damn well that he isn't Icarus. his name is Pit. Now if Kratos pimp slapped Palutena and then ripped of Pit's wings, that would be different.

Also they are 2 completely different worlds. In Pit's world, Palutena reigns over Zuess, and Zuess even had to call on Pit to defeat Orcos because he was scared of him.

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jeweetwelwie2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

In n64 ports you might not notice becaues n64 graphics were always a bit 'bulky". But in new games, 3DS 3D MURDERS the texture quality. The reason marioland 3d looks good in trailers is because the 3d is turned OFF. the same goes for resi revelations and mgs 3D. with the 3D turned off the games look "pretty good". turn 3D on and you'll see that Snake turns into a low ress anorexic. the 3D anorexic zombies in resi revelations don't impress either. Instead of killing I just wanted to feed them.

Stealth2k2623d ago

I thought these companies to mature enough to not mud sling. Guess I was wrong.

Maybe they see the 3ds number 1 worldwide even before the holidays and are getting nervous

SilentNegotiator2623d ago

You expected rival companies to give each other hugs and kissies?

They can criticize different products without it being "mud slinging"

But I've seen enough of your posts to know you're a perpetual troll and you're simply crying about Sony for being Sony.

Biggest2623d ago

Your profile name is Stealth2k. Wow! Mudslinging is easy!

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