Limbo: A Nasty Game (GP Review)

Chris Kendall writes: "Maybe I just need to toughen up a bit, but to be honest I don't want to. I had a genuine sense of shock when my little boy died for the first time. And I didn't much like it the second time. After a few more I just didn't want to play any more. Is that OK?"

"Is this a work of art? It is beautiful in its way, but it has left me emotionally... what? I feel anxious. Disturbed even. And yet the game seems so simple, so un-gory. This is not a Nasty game, is it?"

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Hellsvacancy2616d ago

Ill NEVER forget what my 3-year oll daughter said to me once when i was playin Limbo "Daddy Daddy the little boys heads fell off" it was so funny, she didnt like the big mofo spider either, i stopped playin it around her

The author is just bein a pussy, its a game, why do people hav to bring there emotions and empathy along with them, im a father of two (1 boy/1girl) and i dont find nothin disturbin about seein a 2d lol "child" bein decapitated, i wouldnt EVER wanna see it for real (or even hear/read about it) and thats the difference

IF your weak minded dont play games, simple as that

paulgovan2616d ago

Man I couldn't disagree more. Surely the first thing we should do when playing a game (or reading a book or watching a film) is to bring our emotions.

If games are ever going to grow up we have to move beyond this defensive and juvenile perspective.

Alos882616d ago

If you're feeling uncomfortable then it makes sense to stop playing, but don't be surprised if you find yourself coming back eventually with a morbid curiosity.
You know in Silent Hill the developers were trying to create a world that both attracts and repulses the player, and I think Playdead were going for the same feel.