Battlefield 3 Beta PC Graphics Comparison

GameSpot compares graphics settings in the Battlefield 3 beta. Can you tell the difference between the low and the ultra?

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InNomeDiDio2443d ago

Mindblowing experience on PC

PC can't be touched!

Picture_Dancer2443d ago

I've played both PC beta and PS3 bata and to bo honest I didn't see much of a differance (not including higher res on PC).

decrypt2443d ago

Depends what settings you ran the PC version on. PS3 and Xbox versions are low settings on PC with smaller maps and much lower player count.

Picture_Dancer2443d ago

I've played on max details on PC (in 20-30 fps). Differance is minimal.

Letros2443d ago

I did the same, there's a huge difference. Wait til retail too when ultra settings are added.

Pandamobile2443d ago

Are you kidding me? There was a massive difference in quality.

Oldman1002443d ago

I'm glad folks with asian computers won't be playing a second tier version of battlefield 3.