Why I love the new PS3 ‘Long Live Play’ commercial

CG - "Video game commercials are usually pretty straight forward. They give you the facts, tell you what you want to hear and that’s it. Very rarely are they as creative as the new PS3 commercial entitled “Michael” for their “Long Live Play” campaign."

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MultiConsoleGamer2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

The Long Live Play campaign is absolutely brilliant. A few weeks ago I was complaining that sony needs to capitalize on their 'retro-chic." They've done that and a lot more. Really makes me happy to be a gamer. This serious was obviously made by someone with a passion for the subject.

LOGICWINS2618d ago

I saw the commercial last night during "The Ultimate Fighter". Lets just hope it sells PS3s like Sony intended it to. I'm sure they didn't spend thousands of dollars paying actors just to please the existing PS audience.

EskiJoe2618d ago

A company using money to advertise? How outrageous!

LOGICWINS2618d ago

^^What are you talking about?

LOGICWINS2618d ago

Clearly it was sarcasm...I'm just confused as to what it has to do with my comment.

diehardgamer10002618d ago

Lol why do you always talk slick about SONY?

EskiJoe2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

:D Okay let me try to put more clearly:

You talk about Sony and their advertisement, how they spent money.

I said, that a company using money on advertising is outrageous /s.

Correlation is that a company (in this case Sony) used money to advertise their product (in this case PS3).

My point is: companies use money --- to advertise their products.


I did a little search on the web, just to see how much corporations use on advertisement, here is what I gathered (source:

MSFT : $12.8 billion
SNE: $5.6 billion

Both in 2009. Costs include general, selling and administrative expenses. Note that MSFT and SNE is not restricted to xbox and ps3...

**EDIT: If someone else has a more reliable source or statement, then use that instead. Point is: companies use a lot of money to advertise.

LOGICWINS2618d ago

"My point is: companies use money --- to advertise their products."

I never denied that.

EskiJoe2618d ago

Ok, I just got the impression from your post, that you were concerned about the money spent on the advertisement. Wether or not the advert would pay itself by selling PS3's... Hence my reply and subsequent statement on advertisement expenses... :P

gamingdroid2618d ago

It is kind of how I feel too. It is one awesome video, but I'm not sure how it will sell PS3.

It seems the video is more of a fan service. In fact, a lot of the PS3 commercials seems to be like that.

Maybe I'm missing something?

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Solid_Snake-2618d ago

i love these little shorts.

beast242tru2618d ago

yeah its a great commercial and great thinking by sony i watched the video over a couple times to see if i can make out all the characters in there and that spot is loaded i would be afraid to hang out with most of them

nefertis2618d ago

That commercial is sic.

MWong2618d ago

When I first watched the commercial I thought they were talking about Kevin Butler. I love the commercial though.

solar2618d ago

guess im in the minority here. i think the commercial is terrible. unless you know the characters in it how do gamers who dont know them relate? or understand what Drake has done for the PS3?

Quagmire2618d ago

I wouldnt say its terrible, its great for PlayStation gamers, but the hype around it is absolutely stupid.

Its just an advertisement people, nothing more nothing less. Saying it changed your life and calling it amazing is basically you as a consumer playing right into Sony's hands.

Plus, not to mention its only aired in America on TV.

Redempteur2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

"unless you know the characters ?"

So you think that there are people into gaming that doesn't know solid snake or kratos ?

Uncharted and assasin creed are the most sucessfull new franchises this gen...and you'd think people don't know them either ?

that more than 10 years after the first game , there still gamers that doesn't know about Agent 47 tatoo ( after a movie even ) and i could go on with more exemples ...

The PS3 brand is well know because there are plenty of well know characters and here lies the true force behind this ad

solar2618d ago

of course hardcore gamers know the characters. but the hardcore already have their consoles. so either this was a buttslap thanks for buying our console commercial or a try at intriging casuals who dont own a ps3. casuals are a bigger market now. Sony needs to market to them.

Redempteur2618d ago

no thanks ..i'd rather sony talking to me than trying to talk to people who aren't intrested ..that means hardcore games for me , not the casual crap from ios.

So glad they don't go there as if everyone copies that , then we're doomed ..

For casuals , you have MiniS , i don't care about that

Personnaly , i want my plane crashing into the desert like uncharted , i want to survive the barren land of hellgan.. i want to go tell the whole of Pulse that i won't go down ...i want to tell the borgias that the whole creed of assasins is after them and i want to tell Zeus that his end is near ..

casual market can eat sh*t ..i want my games.. Stop trying to think like a business man , they should market their next games to us , not to the moron playing angry birds

Wh15ky2618d ago

"unless you know the characters in it how do gamers who dont know them relate?"

You're not a gamer if you don't know at least some of these characters. I'd say the average gamer would struggle to identify all of them but surely anybody who regards themselves a gamer can identify at least a few as it does a pretty good job of showcasing characters from some of the most popular games available on PS3.

gamingdroid2618d ago

I think it is a awesome and cool video for fans, but I doubt the general public relates to it. That applies to almost all PS3 commercials I have seen.

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