THQ Reveals Why It Wanted Brock Lesnar In WWE '12

THQ has revealed one of the reasons it was so adamant in getting Brock Lesnar into WWE '12.

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ZeroChaos2590d ago

Brock was great when he was in WWE. Though that was years ago.

NYC_Gamer2590d ago

he'll be running back to that crap after he gets his ass beat again in the ufc

Wintersun6162590d ago

Let's hope so! I want Lesnar back to WWE. He had the power, the agility and the matt-wrestling skills to compete with anyone in the WWE. He was quite lacking in mic skills though, don't know if that has changed since he left WWE.

Rhapsody_2590d ago

What a fucking waste of talent that would be, atleast in the UFC he has a chance to grow.

Loadedklip2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Ah what's the matter ... you mad a "pro wrestler" came into the UFC and got the HW Title in just his fourth professional fight?

Give Lesnar his due ... he has fought nothing but the best of the best in MMA unlike others how are brought up slowly against crappy competition. Brock is a beast and hopefully is healthy now. Overeem is dead meat this December.

EVO-OM3GA2590d ago

Lesner was just too much in the WWE, Speed, Strength he was the complete package I dont think anyone could match him in the ring, cept for maybe Angel who is just by far the Best Wrestler ever

deadman19872590d ago

With a broken freakin' neck

EVO-OM3GA2590d ago

who in the WWE or TNA or RoH is a better WRESTLER than Angel?

LadyGaga2590d ago

It's Angle, and Chris Jericho was arguably better.

red2tango2590d ago

People arguing over who's a better wrestler even though it's all scripted. I've seen it all.

LoneWanderer092590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

The only thing scripted is the story lines and how matches go, but the wrestling is real. check out some of the indie promotions that do nothing but wrestling matches and you will see the difference.

If that argument did not make you think EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TV IS SCRIPTED is called TV SHOWS. except news and sometimes those can be more crocked than the actual scripted shows.

red2tango2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )
yes the wrestling is so real...

the only wrestling that's real is professional wrestling or in mixed martial arts events.

the fake submission in the video is also real right? because it really hurts when you hold a man's legs like that right? he can't spin around? hmm bantamweights in the ufc are better wrestlers then what the wwe puts on.

Loadedklip2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The wrestling isn't "real" ... does it take talent? Yes ... it does take talent to perform at the level of a Shawn Michaels for example but you can't call the wrestling itself "real" because it's not. WWE is a live broadway drama with live stunts. No retakes ... no stunt doubles ... all that is great and takes talent ... "real" talent ... but it's not "real" wrestling. Awful way to defined professional wrestling.

Loadedklip2589d ago

They probably meant who was the best performer and entertainer in the ring. Not actual true wrestling skills but who had a good move set, sold opponents moves well, knew how to time a match so that the match itself tells a story and gets the crowd into it. There really is "talent" in making a good fake professional wrestling match. But yes ... its not real wrestling the way the RKO wanted to explain it. It's a soap opera, theather, stunt show all in one with no retakes. It does take talent to be the best "professional" wrestler.

BitbyDeath2589d ago

People do actually get hurt in wrestling though.
Brock Lesnar sent Rey Mysterio into the hospital for months after one of their fights.

LoneWanderer092590d ago

Is cool that they added Brock one of my favorite wrestlers from the early WWE Days