What If Your Favorite Company Developed A Different Hit Title?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte talks about the what if's in the gaming industry. "Could you imagine the world of gaming, if different developers made your favorite games. Let's say Myamoto made UNCHARTED or Bungie made Mario, and Naughty Dog made halo? Could that even be possible in some alternate strange dimension?"

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KingPin2623d ago

"Let's say Myamoto made UNCHARTED or Bungie made Mario, and Naughty Dog made halo"

then mario, halo, uncharted wouldnt be the big gaming franchises that they are now.

if you look at miyamotos style, its more cartoon, dare i say it, kids style.

bungie, style a little more hardcore i suppose so watching them do a mario wont really be the same hit mario we all know. watching mario run around with regenerating armour though would make that game easier.

naughty dog making halo, that one actually could work...but i dont think it will ever be possible. unless sony and microsoft decide to join forces.

NuclearDuke2623d ago

Naughty Dog going from Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted definately shows they can play at top level in every category.

I would love for them to create a new IP after Uncharted III.

theonlylolking2623d ago

Naughty Dog should do a RPG for next gen then the gen after that a shooter.

Relientk772622d ago

I would love to see Naughty Dog do another Crash Bandicoot and get the rights back