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"I felt like, as a gamer, I needed to write up something regarding either Steve Jobs or Apple. The news of Jobs' passing hit me surprisingly hard; I was never a big PC gamer (or a Mac gamer, to be completely clear), but like many young students, I did have experience with one classic computer game that sold Macs to schools across the country: The Oregon Trail." - Kevin Schaller

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imoutofthecontest2616d ago

Oregon Trail, man. The game where you ride along waiting for your family to get bit by snakes or die of dysentery. Great game? Or Greatest game?

stormeagle62616d ago

I would always get accidentally shot by one of my group while hunting and die. Usually when the journey was almost over.

BigWoopMagazine2615d ago

I would usually die as a result of my teacher discovering I was playing instead of learning to type... I was angry at the time, but I suppose I'm glad I know how to type properly.

Oaklnd2616d ago

haha i love the ooold pc games, some of the best ever

dbjj120882616d ago

I have so many memories of Apple II Es in the school computer lab....

insertcoin2616d ago

I played Oregon Trail in 1st grade and was hooked before I knew it. I killed so many rabbits.

earbus2616d ago

Look forward to the next tribute to the makers of the transistor.