FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Interview with Battle Director Yuji Kenichirou and Action Designer Ooe Taisuke

More on Type-0's characters and world from the development staff.

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Ddouble2623d ago

Yuji:This is the first time a game has had so many different play styles and battle systems, so I hope you’ll have fun finding your own.

Ooe: This game has a very different atmosphere from others in the series, so I hope fans are able to feel all the spirit the staff put into it.

These are the main reasons i can't wait for this game. 15 playable characters plus the classic FF formula but with a darker atmosphere.

Rai2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

maybe square should shuffle again and take some people from the type-0 team and bring them to versus..this game is suppose to be out for psp right? why not make it for the vita instead.

like the effect in making different plat styles for each character, just they are different enough to tell the difference.

Tanir2623d ago

doesnt really make sense what you said lol, the team that is working on type 0 is working on versus aswell, and did crisis core.

Nomura is doin Versus u know the kingdom hearts dude? he knows how to make games and the kingdom hearts team is very capable.

just cuz ff13 wasnt done well doesnt ruin the rest of the games

Rai2622d ago

why not focus on one game? why split the team into 2? I said that because when they were doing FF13 they took most of the members on versus and put it on 13

Tanir2622d ago

this is true, they did exactly that, now mostly everyone is on versus.

not many people know this but ff13 started on ps2 and was almost done, then square remade it from scratch, so they been workin on it