Newell lambasts Apple for iOS closedness

GamesRadar interviews Newell, who in turn provides some choice words about Apple's approach to iOS development.

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cyborg69712624d ago

Is "closedness" even a word? And how is this new.

sonicblastoise2624d ago

with iOS 5 coming out, Apple had a chance to do things differently, but they never do. I suppose it isn't new, but it certainly affects the industry since the iOS scene in particular is getting bigger and bigger.

dangert122623d ago

Newell should just stop complaining If the fans don't want more possibilities let them be happy with what they make a fair few pennys on other platforms aswell as steam and that picture O_O

badz1492623d ago

not oranges lol!

on a serious note, even with Jobs gone, Apple will keep its closed nature for all their products. afterall, most if not all of Apple products are low-spec but overpriced and every software running are all under their control. to open the platform, means jeopardizing their own and that equals to less revenue for them which I think why it will not happen. plus, suckers keep buying their products and are willing to bow to this "closedness"! so...there are practically too little pressure at the moment on Apple to even get them to start "opening up" their OSes! and certainly Gabe alone won't be able to do that given that Apple is so much bigger than even Microsoft at $302.47 billion, let alone Valve at only $2-4 billion.

opening up the iOS maybe the best thing that can happen to the users but at the moment I can't see it happening in any way!

Spinal2622d ago

Have you even owned an Apple product?

I currently own an Xperia Play cause of the hardware buttons for my emulators. But i had an iPhone 4 and even til now I'm aware that the quality of the iOs user experience certainly is far above and beyond Android.

I wish i could combine the IOS software with my phone hardware. I reckognise that IOS is just a better user experience its very slick and quality. You hardly ever experience problems with IOS.

I like my Android but every now an again I get the pop up 'Force Close app as it has errored' and my Xperia Play is running the latest firmware Gingerbread.

Deputydon2622d ago

I'd rather have a force closed app once a month, than a disgustingly ugly phone like the Iphone 4S. Seriously, I don't understand why anybody thinks that phone looks good design wise at all.

The new siri technology is incredible, and for that, I tip my hat to Apple. But from a design standpoint, I'm much more happy with my Epic 4G Touch with it's gorgeous 4.52 inch screen and pencil thin design.

Siri is incredible though from the MSNBC review, this is the short siri transcript:

Jim: I love you, Siri
Siri: Impossible
Jim: No really, I love you
Siri: I hope you don’t say that to those other mobile phones, Jim
Jim: No way, I only love you Siri
Siri: You are the wind beneath my wings
Jim: That’s nice. I’m glad you know I love you
Siri: All you need is love. And your iPhone

theonlylolking2623d ago

Newell is correct. Apple needs to learn this before the devs of apps and games leave them.

OcularVision2623d ago


Spinal2622d ago

i LOOOL'd xD that pic... rofl.

sonicblastoise2623d ago

So Raph Koster basically said what will happen (or is happening, if you're pessimistic) is that the traditional "console wars" of the past and current generation are turning into "platform wars" between big companies like Apple, Facebook, etc. each with their own proprietary APIs and platforms.

This is not really a good thing.