Review: HMZ-T1- Sony’s personal 3D viewer (Gamers Block)

Gamers Block reviews the HMZ-T1

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Hozi2619d ago

Hmmm I sure hope this guy doesn't know what he's talking about because everything he said about it was horrible. I had high expectations for this little gadget...and the one thing I disagree about is the button free issue. Even if it came with a remote, there should still be some form of controls on the device in case the remote stopped working.

mroca12618d ago

Dont just take his opinion alone. Go out and see if you can demo it yourself.

specialguest2619d ago

In the HMD(head-mounted display)world, $800 is actually not too bad for all of this updated tech you're getting. This needs to be on display at the Sony Store for testing.

ginsunuva2619d ago

Ya could you even see the remote buttons with the display on your face?

mroca12618d ago

I think he wrote that the buttons are underneath the headset. If its underneath, he cant see it with the headset on.

Elwenil2619d ago

Still a bit out of my price range. For that amount of cash, I'd much rather it be 1080p and use 7.1 surround. My PS3 headphones sound great and I'd hate to spend all this cash only to get less sound from a pair of $90 headphones. Still very interesting tech and I can't wait to see what they can do with it next generation.

plmkoh2618d ago

This whole "review" stinks of the writer trying it for a bit and immediately writing his impressions. In fact the review is so shallow even I could get away writing something like that based on a press sheet alone.

mroca12618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

The writer has nixed categorizing the article as a review(On his blog), and maybe it was just off your comment. You want to call the review as shallow, its OK for you to say it. And people do agree with you on that. He can, and did choose to write about the product in the way he wanted to.