Tech-Gaming | Rage Review

Like any ambitious title, Rage isn’t free of the irregular blemish. From the unforeseen insta-death at the hands of an RPG-armed militant to a lack of closure in the game’s coda, there’s certain to be a constituency who will vocalize the title’s negligible faults. Yet, players who allow themselves to become immersed in Rage’s foreboding environments and tense firefights are destined to be delighted by one of the year’s most gratifying first and third-person experiences.

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madmad2621d ago

Good review, just a little on the late side.

mediastudies2621d ago

Sounds really fun. I really want to check it out.

sharpsword2621d ago

So its great except for the ending? Without spoiling, is it because they leave it open for a sequel.

I'm just glad there's no monster closets.

InNomeDiDio2620d ago

One of the best games in the last years