Battlefield 3 Beta showcases two very different online communities

MMGN writes: Over the past few years I've played online over Xbox Live considerably more than I have PlayStation Network. I own both consoles, but for whatever reason I've always found the Xbox community to be more appealing to my competitive needs as a gamer.

That said, its demographic is not without its issues: it's certainly plagued by younger gamers that seem to think that blasting hiphop into their headset or cursing every second is something that makes people want to listen to what they have to say.

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Agent-862616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I don't agree with the author. He basically is saying that PSN needs to charge so the community becomes better (in his opinion) and comparable to XBL. Paying to play online makes for a better community? As a PC gamer, I couldn't disagree more. We've had a free online experience for years and I wouldn't trade communities. Battlefield on the PC has incredible teamwork and a great community.

If the author saw less teamwork and communication on PSN for the BF3 beta, then its probably because they are less familiar with the Battlefield series and there were more "experimenters". COD is the biggest game on consoles and there are still a lot of console gamers unfamiliar with Battlefield. Give them time. I played the BFBC2 beta on PS3 and found a lot of teamwork and coordination towards the end. Battlefield is a tougher game than COD and has a steeper learning curve.

Gaetano2616d ago

Yeah I get that, but I think PC is a different market to consoles? Maybe not quite as accessible or appealing to the casual market, hence why it's not factored in the article. The PC community is really driven by the hardware, which is not always affordable for someone that would be purchasing a console 5-6 years into its life cycle. If I wanted to get the best out of BF3 PC experience, I'm going to want a decently-priced PC that probably wouldn't be considered "affordable" next to current pricing structures for consoles.

It's a different market, and PC gaming automatically brings with it a very hardcore and committed community. Consoles have to work a bit harder to do that, because they're dealing with a broader, more varied and casual audience.

But I expected a PC gamer to comment as you have, and I understand where you're coming from, but I think a subscription model for specific markets helps mold a more exclusive and competitive experience. That's just me.

Agent-862616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I guess you do have a point, then. Since PC gaming has a more expensive upfront cost and takes more technical "know how" than consoles, there is a "weeding out" effect that you mention for XBL since it is a subscription service. I have to agree to a point. The PC community does seem more mature and cost is probably one of the reasons. However, a good chunk of XBL accounts are kids who, for the most part, are not actually paying for the service; their parents are.

So, I don't think there is not much actual "weeding out" that you think happens because it is a subscription service. Matter of fact, the reason I've never picked up a 360 is because of the annual cost. I'm primarily a PC gamer, but I wanted a console to supplement my PC. I went with the PS3 because it was free online (plus there were more Sony exclusives I was interested in vs the 360). I don't spend enough gaming time on a console to justify an annual cost, though.

Agent-862616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I think the real reason you found more communication and teamwork on XBL vs PSN for the BF3 beta was not because of paying for XBL "weeds out" non team players and makes for a better community. I think it could actually be much simpler and it comes down to two reasons. First is that every 360 came with a headset. A great decision if you want a community of communicators; makes it easier for gamers to communicate with each other when everyone has a headset.

I would say the second reason is that the 360 community is more into their FPS's than the PS3 community (that genre continually outsells on the 360 vs the PS3). I think a lot of 360 gamers are more familiar with the BF series and quite of few are also "PC refuges" who had earlir experience with BF on PC (once PC gamers who migrated to the 360 for ease of use and their friends being there).

SuperM2616d ago

I certainly wouldnt pay just to get a more "exclusive" gaming community. That id concider a waste of money.

lorianguy2616d ago

I couldn't have put it better myself. I'll bubble you up!

Spinal2616d ago

Agree and bubble my friend. When BF3 is out i hope all ya'll got the battlelog and can add me Darkc0rd.

Optical_Matrix2616d ago

Well he clearly doesn't play the PS3 enough because I can safely say that 95% of the games I played over the 19 hours I played the BETA, the team focused on the objectives. So I'm not sure what this guys on about. What I like about PSN, is that the demographic, for the most part is a lot older and less prone to blasting music down the headset and swearing/inciting racism over a game of Call of Duty or whatever. Sure it happens on PSN, but never happened to me in my 4 years of owning a PS3. Yet it's happened numerous times over the past 10 months I've owned an Xbox 360.

Both communities have their problems, but sweeping statements like the ones in this article don't really make much sense.

kikizoo2616d ago

Exactly (and if you want a better experience than random games, just play with your friends.... same experience, but free !)

KonGreat2616d ago

I don't agree to the author at all. You don't need to have a subscription fee to weed out the 'casual' gamers. It's called having good matchmaking system to separate the good players from the bad. And paying for something that should already be free is ridiculous. I feel ripped off every time I get it.

andibandit2616d ago

I agree with the author, i have lots of friends with Xbox360's and PS3's and it seems those with PS3' are somehow more casual. I dont mean that in a negative way, but they use their console in a diffrent way, like playing with their wives, kids, watching Blue ray and so on. Some of them never go online with their PS3 and some just once in a while.
The xbox360 friends are just diffrent, i can tell any one of them "I hate my ISP assigned router, cause it gives med Moderate NAT settings", and we would be on the same page instantly. They also seem to be online alot more, maybe because they paid for it, who knows.

Tachyon_Nova2616d ago

I'll just say this, I consider myself much better with a mouse than with a controller, but after playing the BF3 beta on PC and PS3, my stats suggest otherwise.

PC: k/d 1.01 win/loss 0.8
Ps3: k/d 1.45 win loss 2.2

You can decide what that says about the respective communities...

Ju2616d ago

I just read "you are better with a controller than with mouse". Is that wrong?

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