9 Items of Downloadable Software that Nintendo Should Release for the 3DS

Does the DS need a Nyan Cat game as downloadable content? Will the DS version of Angry Birds ever be released? In short: what is glaringly missing from the DS/3DS library of downloadable stuff? Casual gamer and retro fiend, Egg Says Whut's Mark Adams, comes up with nine succulent suggestions for titles he wants to play on his 3DS. Are you listening Nintendo?

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jacksonmichael2617d ago

Some pretty good ideas here. I disagree with Angry Birds because N4G makes you hate that type of thing, and I don't know what Nyan Cat is, but Star Fox 2? I applaud your inclusion of that. It almost made me think you'd include the Mother series, Famicom Wars or the original Fire Emblem games. But I'll admit, those are more along the lines of incredibly necessary Virtual Console titles.