Batman: Arkham City Leaked Online, Beware of Spoilers

As the world waits on the arrival of Batman: Arkham City, it seems as though the Joker has had some of his accomplice plant a devious version of the game online, which Xbox 360 users can download onto their modded system.

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gillri2619d ago

oh dear, time to keep off the gamefaqs Batman forum then

BiggCMan2619d ago

Wait, there are things that haven't been revealed yet?? GEEEZ! The way Rocksteady, or Eidoes or whoever has been releasing information, i'm surprised there is more to find out! My god, I hate when so much information drops on games. They told us so many villains, which could have been a surprise, and that annoys the hell out of me. How much more awesome would the game have been, if Two Face and Penguin popped out of nowhere during the game, without any previous knowledge from the loud mouths.

Forbidden_Darkness2619d ago

That's exactly what I was hoping for, wish I could have just hid any information of BAC from N4G, but instead I feel like im going to enjoy it a little less. I went into BAA without any knowledge of almost everything, but with BAC, i know way too much and I didnt even try/want to know about it. It's totally going to ruin the mystery a bit, but BAC is still going to be an amazing title none the less.

Biggest2619d ago

Shouldn't it be news if a game ISN'T leaked online? Every game released since '79 is online.

killerhog2619d ago

I thought it was the pc version but to no surprise it was the 360. So far a lot of AAA games getting leaked over there.

Forbidden_Darkness2619d ago

Definitely won't be looking at any pending articles for the time being, had Gears 3 partly ruined because of that.

2619d ago
Megaton2619d ago

Batman is really Bruce Wayne.

cyborg69712619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I thought batman was keyser soze.

@ megaton that info should be in spoiler tags:)

Megaton2619d ago

There is no Keyser Söze.

Jeff2572618d ago

Nah Batman is Matches Malone. lol

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