Gears 3: Taming the Sawed-Off Shotgun writes, "With nearly 4 million sales worldwide, Gears of War 3 has been an instant success both critically and commercially. There’s one issue, however, that has this reputably hardcore community arguing on comments sections, message boards, and game lobbies from Team Deathmatch to Wingman."

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SockeyBoy2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I've never swore so f****ing much about a gun!

EDIT: Nice article actually. My tip in MP: Retro Lancer slows them (people who equip the SoS) down when they're trying to evade your space.

iPhoneGeek2590d ago

Its being way over used and can make a match not fun. It doesn't take much skill to get close to someone to get a 1 shot kill. I very rarely get close to opponents in a match because of the SOS.

HacSawJimThugin2590d ago

Spotting is another under used skill that could save your life. People get so greedy for kills that they quickly forget that Gears is 100% team based. Why people play Gears 3 like 1 and 2 is beyond me, they are completely different from each other and should be approached as such.

Anybody that runs up on me is going to die. Point blank. Rifles will kill all of the rushing B.S. but people still want to rush in for a shotgun kill and complain when they are the prey instead of the predator.

IDK what they do to whatever gun, I will adapt and kill along the way.
Epic can't please everyone and they need to stop trying. From wall bouncing, to coming out of the roadie run to shoot, to the two piece;someone will always find something to complain about...just play the game and quit whining...I mean is it really that serious?


I have to say I agree...

At this point I don't know what is more annoying. The people using the gun or the people complaining about it.

Considering how close they have to be to get the kill, the only people who seem to really hate it are the people who want to run up to you or roll into you with the normal Gnasher, which when up close is the same one shot kill.

if someone sneaks up behind you and takes you out with a Sawed-off, well you were as good as dead anyway. A chainsaw or normal shotty would still end in the same result and you can't escape those either.

and what stops you using the sawed-off if everyone else is using it? if a noob has a sawed-off and you have one well it's even, just as much as two people dancing round each other with gnashers, only if you miss your shot you are in a lot more trouble.

If I play a team with everyone running around with Gnashers, I use a gnasher... if people start pulling out the sawed-off, I pull mine out. They get the first few kills and think they are good, then i get mine out and you can be sure they are going to scream about it, but hey I was playing by their rules.

And not to mention how quick you can down someone with the retro and normal lancer. if your team are covering your back and your not running round the map blindly round corners I see no reason the sawed off will be a problem.

what really pissed me off though was all the new weapon spawns. They should have left them as they were.

HacSawJimThugin2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Well said buddy. Change is scary and uncomfortable but you have to adapt and overcome. Look at the story of the games. The COG are forever being compromised and they don't whine about it, they adapt and overcome.

I want this game to do so well because IMO it's the best shooter by far. It takes more strategy and technical prowess than a FPS and is more fun. I do love a "good" FPS but Gears has been the King of my 360 since inception. I love the fact the camping is not an issue and nor do sniper rifles rule the day.

Sorry I digress.

If some of these so called gamers would be willing to broaden their tactical scope and play the game with some common sense then it would be much more enjoyable and less annoying for everyone.

N4G...Bubbles plz. I can't cram all that I want to say and answer comments with 2 bubbles. I'm just saying.