Why I Still Pay for World of Warcraft (Like a Moron)

Xizor from Xero Gaming discusses the ways in which World of Warcraft continues to woo his loyalties, and why he doesn't stop paying for the game, even if he's not currently actively playing.

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StarWolf2594d ago

is this game still played by people or has it died and people moved to Movecraft or whatever?

wnek92594d ago

tons have left to other games it still has a few million in the community but its going down

Julie2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I play , but i just log for the raids then log off :I

All these nerfs , buffs remakes of a class/spec, monthly/weekly is getting annoying.

NuclearDuke2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Few? Last recording said 10.9 million people subscriped, as in played the game. That was after their 900k loss.

According to sources, the game soon releases in Japan.

So yes, it's still the biggest Video Game.

thats_just_prime2594d ago

that guy is just plan stupid he doesnt play the game and he still pays for it. what an idiot

wnek92594d ago

@NuclearDuke i doubt that unless they are counting the trial accounts, wrath has been required to play and wrath only hit 7 million sales and cata only sold around 5 million to play cata you need all the other expansions, so its roughly around 6 million actual players, this can be dropped even more by people who have multiple accounts.

if they are counting trial then ye it could be around 10 million lol.

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Xizor2594d ago

I wouldn't say it's dying, because people still play. Still, it is a bit in decline, so I think Blizz just needs to get their shit together. Cata was the best expansion for sure, but I dunno.