Forza 4 vs. Gran Turismo 5 Comparison Video

GameTrailers: From the glossy reflections to the detailed interiors, can you spot the differences in this side-by-side comparison?

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PirateThom2617d ago

Both look awesome.

Forza more bright and vibrant, GT more subdued and "TV like(?)".

GT5 still has better car models for the premiums, but the fact the Veyron in GT5 is a standard definitely shows how unacceptable that is.

Not a bad comparison, actually. Tried to match it as much as possible.

Outside_ofthe_Box2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Doesn't GT5 have weather? The GT5 vids seem to be taken in cloudy weather.

I give it to GT5 though because it looks more realistic. Forza looks good, but like you said it's bright and vibrant which does add to the appeal of the look, but isn't realistic.

Unaffected2617d ago

I guess havent heard the sounds of Forza 4 cars

likedamaster2617d ago

The sound of Forza cars alone beats GT5 which you conveniently left out PirateThom.

StanLee2617d ago Show
jony_dols2617d ago


GT5 looks dated?

How can you claim that this claim that this looks dated?

EVILDEAD3602617d ago

Been playing Forza 4 for the last hour..I could care less about the comparisons..

Forza 4 is the TRUTH..the scenery alone is on another level. The game is complete driving satisfaction.

Turn 10 deserves ALL the accolades for this game..I've seen the back and forth talk, the pics, and the vids.

I put Forza 4 in my 360 playing my wireless wheel on my 65 incher with my ridiculously expensive Turtle Beach wireless PX5s while reclining in my gaming seat...Pure Racing Bliss..

I traveled to Ferrari World and drove their simulator..and other the motion it didn't top Forza 4's Ferrari visuals.

Add on Vista and Kinect for kicks..just the complete pack

Nothing against GT5 at all..I'm fan of PD..but Turn 10 definately pulled of a phenominal game


TUGA2617d ago

@ StanLee I put GT5 and F4 pictures side by side and asked my mother wich one looked better. Mind you she is not a gamer, she isnt a mindless fanboy drone and hasnt a (weird) allieagence to makers of pieces of plastic. The verdict GT5, i asked her why the answear: GT5 looks more realistic. I can trust her opinion, yours not so much.

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Dee_912617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Il just post these here :)

Good day

but nah
Forza shows Xbox 360 can pull off great graphics with the right people.
I enjoy forza 4 alot

guitarded772617d ago

WoW they're both amazing... and you guys still have to fight about it. Each has something a little different to offer, and both look and perform amazing. There, was that so hard.

ApplEaglElephant2617d ago

Premium Car models goes to GT5
Realistic Weather changes goes to GT5

Static background goes to Forza.

both have its advantages and disadvantages.

tehnoob32617d ago

Adding weather is actually a huge addition because each cars has to be individually tested for accurate feel during weather conditions.

GrandTheftZamboni2617d ago

Check Forza's low polygon count at 1:30 on top of the windshield.

nix2617d ago

i like how this guy was 1st in Forza but was struggling at 3rd in the end.

chadachada1232616d ago

Funny you mention that, TUGA, I paused it right at the part with the Camaro driving around that turn in cinematic mode (midway through), and asked my mom what she thought. After she watched it for a few seconds, I told her that it was a video game, and she was like "wait, really?"

SnakeShady2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

@ Evildead360

"ridiculously expensive Turtle Beach wireless PX5s"

I have a 15.000 euros 7.1 home theatre system. that is ridiculously expensive, not your cheap turtle beach set.

ps: also, i have a g27 racing wheel. not a wireless shit.

dantesparda2616d ago

Wow! this is a horrible comparison, why is GT5 so cloudy looking, why does the contrast look so low? while Forza looks all bright and sunny? these comparisons people make are so on even its not even funny. To all you 360 fanboys, go play GT5 on any tv, heck even SD tv's and tell me if it looks that low contrast, that cloudy.

I call bullshit on this comparison

TheMailman2616d ago

GT5 KING OF THE ROAD.. Hands down!!!

SilentNegotiator2616d ago

I like how people talk up "sound" of cars they've never heard for any longer than they've raced by at the Indy 500, and other cars that cost more than most people make in several years. Look out, everyone! Here come the "car sound experts"!

Forza doesn't even have half of the variables/conditions you can use in GT5. Forza 4 is STILL a lower resolution with less AA. And the premium GT5 cars look absolutely amazing.

And people praised Forza 3's cracked roads detail and Mt. Pop-in as a background 1up from GT5, too.

MaxXAttaxX2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Cherry-picked comparisons and using Standard cars? How low can GameTrailers get? Again!

Superior and realistic lighting.
In motion.

* Also, GT5 menu and photo car models are the SAME as the in-game models.
* Froza 4 menu car models are DIFFERENT than the in-game car models which are lower poly and have lower LOD.

* GT5 also has dynamic day/night and weather changes and runs at a higher resolution.

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yesmynameissumo2617d ago

Forza 4 looks fantastic, but seems almost too bright. That's minor though really.

da_2pacalypse2617d ago

To compare a game that was in development for like 8 years to forza who has been in development for like 3 years is ludicrous.

Kyur4ThePain2617d ago

No, they both cost $60 so a comparison is completely in order.

PirateThom2617d ago

GT5 wasn't even in development for 8 years anyway...

SoapShoes2617d ago

Someone doesn't know what he's talking about... ;) Looking at you da_2pacalypse.

mugoldeneagle032617d ago

GT5 dropped to $39.99 worldwide last week to coincide with the 2.0 update.

morganfell2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )


Except you are ignoring the fact that Forza 4 is built on the previous Forzas. If you are being honest then you know that Forza 3 is a huge part of Forza 4. You act like Turn 10 fired an EMP pulse in their studio prior to starting work on Forza 4 to insure there were no vestiges of Forza 3 remaining. Simply not true.

You are also attempting to put aside the truth concerning when the development of GT5 focused solely on GT5. I would say nice try except it really wasn't a very nice try. Not at all. Anyone with google can shoot holes in your attempt with no effort at all. Zero in fact.

Forza 4 looks great but if you are going to criticize then use facts.

da_2pacalypse2617d ago

GT5 had at least 2x the amount of development time that forza did... That is a fact, and that is all I said.
Example: If you were to compare graphics for Rage and call of duty, Rage wins hands down because it was in development for like 6 years, while cod is still running off the same 1998 Quake3 engine... I hate cod, but maybe I wouldn't hate it so much if activision would let its developers have more development time.... see what I'm saying?

DigitalAnalog2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Then you should'nt even be comparing Forza 4 at all. By that reasoning alone, you would've inferred Forza 2 as it is the most fair assessment to your statement since GT5 is the FIRST entry to the PS3 whereas Forza 4 just reached it's 3rd re-iteration since the release of the 360. As morgenfell stated, you act as if Forza 2 and 3 had nothing to do with the development of 4.

Diver2616d ago

"while cod is still running off the same 1998 Quake3 engine"

Thats a ridiculous comment. Do you have any idea how much of the quake engine there still is in cod? Not much. It isn't the same engine. Thats like saying that Windows 7 is the same os as Windows 95 just because there are a few lines of base code left over. The whole kernel was rewritten. As I said ridiculous comment to make and you just did yourself in with that one.

SoapShoes2616d ago

@da_2pacalypse... GT5 had twice as long as a development cycle??? Where do you get that from?

Dec. 2004 - GT4 was released.
E3 2005 - Vision Gran Turismo was unveiled( they scrapped that whole game).
Feb. 2006 - Tourist Trophy was released
Dec. 2007 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was released
E3 2009 - GT5 shown officially for the first time.
Oct 2009 - GT PSP released.
Dec. 2010 - GT5 released.
Oct 2011 - GT5 Spec II released.

This is with other projects like designing the GT-R's dashboard, the GT by Citroen and Kaz's racing... You see now? Since GT4 it wasn't all development on GT5. You had three full games and one concept game that they decided to do away with.

banner2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

But da2pac has a point...

How long was prologue out for? Yea forza 3 was made but there was no forza3.5 with yrs in between of forza 4.

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Obelisk922616d ago

... and graphics.

... well, not at all, actually. The backgrounds in Forza are better than GT5's, hands down. But the premium car models in GT5 are just... unbelievable.

ConstipatedGorilla2616d ago

JellyJelly has it right. GT5 was just "OK". Too many fanboys here.

zeddy2617d ago

some cars look great in gt5 while others look half finished. that corvette looks better in gt5 but the bugatti looks better in forza. i bet forza has better a.i than gt5, that was a killer for me.

PirateThom2617d ago

That Veyron in GT5 is a standard car, if F4's looked worse, I'd be asking questions about what Turn 10 were doing.

killerhog2617d ago

Haha you got this dude pirate. Gt5 looks/sounds/handles better than forza 4 but forza is brighter and more cartoony as i like to describe the scenery of forza games.

rezzah2617d ago

Instead of how the Bugatti looked, I was focused on the sound...

In the still shots of both vehicles, in GT5 the engine could be heard rumbling. While in FZ4 it was completely silent, unless the car was moving.

Just something I noticed.

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Bigpappy2617d ago

The GT vid is too dark. It has nothing to do with cloud cover, as you can see the refections and the light effects in the car. That darkness makes the colors to dull. They look like 6 year old cars that were not kept in a garage and lost the fresh paint look. Forza looks bright and vibrant which to me is ideal.

They booth look good though.

byrnezy2617d ago

I agree, but at the same time Forza is simply to shiny an bright, almost looks a little fake. Just my opinion, Forza seems to have a little more detail but honestly flying around at 200 km/h I don't have time to take in the backround scenery too much lol

r2kcipher2617d ago

they both have the same level of brightness except in the beginning when there are clouds. so i have no idea what you mean.

kneon2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I've been to the Ferrari museum in Maranello a few times and a museum quality car in a museum setting is pretty shiny.

But in the real world, going around a dusty, greasy race track it's a different story. Even GT5 is too shiny, Forza is even worse.

DigitalRaptor2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Looking purely at the visuals as a basis of judgement, Forza's cars look bright and shiny - unnaturally shiny, plastic shiny. In my experience, cars don't look that shiny or bright.

What PD have gone for with their models in GT5 is a much more natural, higher-poly, photo-realistic look. Sure it looks faded on a screen, but that is how reality dictates it!

Dee_912616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

@Digital Exactly
I thought we all discovered this when everyone was saying Laguna seca looks better in shift than gt5.Then the comparison to the real track gt5 won.
Ballons and excessive signs posted all around the track seems to make people think it looks better .I prefer the more realistic approach gt5 took.
To me forza does and always have looked a bit plastic but that dont mean in no way shape or form the graphics arent good.

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fr0sty2617d ago

GT5 gets the photorealism down better than Forza, which favors brighter colors and lower quality reflections. GT5 nails that subtle blue hue of the sky reflecting off of the cars and windshields. Some of the backgrounds are better on Forza though. Forza looks good, but GT5 looks amazing... And manages that look at near 1080p resolution and even in 3D.

Forza bests Gt5 in some features, but graphics has never been one of them. Kaz has always known how to push the boundaries of a system to achieve a very photorealistic effect. GT4 still amazes me running on a PS2.

DigitalAnalog2616d ago

But doesn't the premiums of GT5 cover the ENTIRE interior right down to the fabric underneath the seat? What about Forza, did they replicate this detail too? Just asking.

RedDragan2616d ago

No, Turn 10 didn't replect that. They just bolted the interior on the car.

SuperBeast8112616d ago

why would you waste the man hours and money to replicate that?sounds like that would waste like..5 years of dev time ............oh wait lol it did

UltimateIdiot9112616d ago

You fail to understand the dedication and enthusiasm for cars that PD has. Because of that, it's the reason why GT has the following it does today.

The game is made by people who know and loves cars. It shows through their work that they really hate to half ass their work.

kikizoo2616d ago

Pirate thom is right, but gametrailers well known biased site ([email protected] move's try hard to make forza on par or better than GT5 (visually).

some comparison screens are really shamefull here (and i even don't talk about the ridiculous "black"/contrast set up for ps3)

Information Minister2616d ago

I like how they went the extra mile to compare GT5's Veyron (which is well known to be a standard car) with the one in Forza 4, as well as one of Forza's autovista models with GT5's in-game model of the same car. Yet somehow, they didn't bother to compare weather, night racing, rally or stereoscopic 3D support on both games.

Reminds me why I rarely go to that site anymore.

tickticktick2616d ago

Forza 4


GT5 took five years to make and it looks five years old

MariaHelFutura2616d ago

You understand PD has a roughly 3/4 less people working on their games. Comparing the time they took is not fair at all.

BubloZX2616d ago

lol the metascore don't mean its gonna sale GT numbers. and beside those reviews where before most of the patches and bug fixs for GT5

MariaHelFutura2616d ago

This makes me hate EA, both of these game should have Porsche.

eliasg2616d ago

No doubt FORZA 4 looks and plays better than GT5. Olny blind fanboys can deny that..

Silly gameAr2616d ago

Blind fanboys is right. When you constantly try to trash one game to make another look better, that's petty. I see that in these articles comparing GT and Forza all the time.

Pretty sad stuff.

Forza_is_King2616d ago

LOL at the blind fanboys still trying to justify GT5's superiority.

Standard cars make up 80% of gt5's cars. Not 10%, not 30% but 80%!!! That is almost a complete game.

People trying to justify that 20% of GT5 is a representation of 100% of GT5 is just unbeliveable!

Forza 4 has 100% of its cars with high detail outside and inside. That is 500 cars with more coming via DLC. Cars like the Veryon should ALWAYS be high detailed. Its an insult to the manufactueres that build these beautiful cars to be represented in a manner that Sony portraying them.

IMO since ONLY 20% of GT5 has "acceptable" vehicles to compare to Forza 4's 100% of acceptable cars, its a no brainer then that Forza is the better game since it is a complete game. Anyone arguing that GT5's premeium cars are better looking than Forza's cars only has a 20% argument which between the 2 games is still subjective. Meanwhile the other 80% of the argument will always go to Forza because interuor views for GT5's standard cars are cardboard cut outs with ZERO detail and no gears or indicators.

GT5 is the infirior game all around. Reviwers have agreed and have stated Forza is the better sim/game including reviewers that specialize in sim games like

Enough is enough. Forza has established itself as the new top sim racer on consoles. The only ones that refuse to accept this are the Sony loyalist on this site.

DigitalRaptor2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Yet people on here and people who I've spoken to who own a both consoles and have played both games still think GT5 is the better "sim racer", which I'm not sure if you're aware was Yamauchi's vision for GT5.

Which game is better is simply a matter of opinion, since people have different opinions on what is "fun". And we all know Forza never aims for true realism since Turn 10 have said themselves that it isn't fun, whatever that means. Someone is trying to make a game - someone else is trying to make a sim - how hard is that to understand?

Which game was more complete at launch is not opinion, but fact. Forza 4 might offer a more complete package, but feature-for-feature, the comparison is tighter than people like you will ever recognize. And with a name like that... no-one is convincing you with anything!

XabiDaChosenOne2616d ago

@Forza_is_King The cars ported from GT4 look better than the cars in Forza 4. Thats factual.

Dee_912616d ago

Only 25 of those 500 cars are availible in autovista.
btw 20% of 1031 (not including dlc ) isnt a little
Cant wait to see what the argument is when those standards get updated to premiums.
And its obvious to tell who has and havent been playing gt5 because you would know the standards have been getting improved vastly through each update.Most are almost on par with shift 2 cars

sporteous1212122616d ago

Who agrees that Forza_is_King is just as much a "blind fanboy" as the people he is trying to argue against? You can pretty much guess from his user name but the arguments made a weak and the logic doesn't make sense for the point trying to be expressed.

It doesn't make sense to compare the percentage of premium cars in GT5 to the cars in F4 because the number is irrelevant. GT5 has roughly half the number of premium cars as Forza 4 has cars total. The percentage would only make sense if both games had the same total of cars.

Morpheuzpr2616d ago

GT5 had 80% more content almost a year ago than what FM4 has today and 80% more support for racing wheels and 100% more support from its dev. at a 0% of cost. So in conclusion you're 100% full of s**t.

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JANF2616d ago

both look great.

The lighting in GT5 benefits the cars, but not so much the background. It makes them look lifeless, in other hand the vibrant and bright colors in F4 make the cars look more plastic but brings the background to life.

like some people say both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

showtimefolks2616d ago

we are comparing a year old sim racing game to the one that just came out how is that fair?

weather affects missing in forza 4 why? and don'ttell me you could careless because GT5 has the best weather affects and with this free patch they are giving the users more control with weather

forza 4 is missing Night racing how come?

if you want to call it a complete package than those 2 are major missing features along with nascar

coming from someone who is not that big f a racing fan i like both, so if we can stop this fanboy comparison thing will go a lot better on these gaming sites

its like when gt6 comes out and improves upon what forza 4 does right and than we compare that forza 4 and that is just not fair.

best of luck to turn-10 this game deserves to sell a lot because they have done a lot of great things with forza 4 enjoy fan without turning into fanboys

mendicant2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

That's such crap. How is it not fair to compare two first party racing sims that are on their latest itereation?

The SDF is alays doing this. If you're not introducing some insane caviet to support your lame arguments, you're blatantly lieing.

Reach is constantly compared to KZ3. By your logic we sholdn't do that because one came out before the other.


Jazz41082616d ago

All these comments prove is there are more sony fans on n4g than ms.

DW742616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Evildead360 did exactly what a mature gamer would do. He plainly stated what he liked and why, WITHOUT attacking anyone or anything else. So clearly SnakeShady is just another arrogant comment section douche.