Surfer Girl: Crysis PS3/X360, Driver 5 not PS3 exclusive, Spore, Skate 2

Surfer girl is back with four new rumors. Take these with a grain of salt:

"1) Crysis is coming to PS360, but not until Q3 of EA's fiscal 09 [October-December].


4) Driver 5 (working title) is not exclusive to the PS3 (nor was such ever the case), it will be hitting PC and 360 as well sometime next year."

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wil4hire3990d ago

I really wonder who would pay attention to Surfer girl if she was in fact "Surfer Dude."

WOmen make the game industry go f`ing ape-szh and its sickening. This person is just suckering everyone in to gobble up advertising dollars.

ruibing3990d ago

Until I hear of confirmation of which big 360 title was actually cancelled, I'm going to try hard to keep in mind what "she" says are rumours.

Polluted3990d ago

I think it ended up being that Marvel MMO. Of course it's debatable whether that counts as a major title or not.

marinelife93990d ago

I haven't really followed any of her "inside info". Does any of it ever come true?

basherdrog3990d ago

crysis coming on ps and 360

oh i knew it.. its EA thats why

u'll soon see a mobile version of crysis too

Genki3990d ago

LoL, that was classic. Sad but there's a good chance you'll be right.

pwnsause3990d ago

I can imagine Crysis for Mobile phones right now, they will explode on the palm of my hand

ikkokucrisis3990d ago

Crytek should make a console specific game instead of porting over one. I don't think the mass consumer market will be interested in Crysis in 09, let alone this year since it's on the PC with ridiculously high system specs...

codeazrael3990d ago

fiscal year 09 starts in 08, so she means this game will launch in time for holiday season next year. Can't say I'm surprised, with the PC being behind consoles as far as game sales go, and with it being EA, the guys who just witnessed over 50% of their sales come from the 360, I think it was planned from the get go to release this game for consoles as well.

SlippyMadFrog3990d ago

Spore on Wii and DS? Thats weird.

mikeslemonade3990d ago

Well EA is definately not happy with the way Crysis selling, so porting Crysis to the consoles is a no brainer for a company like EA. Drivers crap and making multiplatform makes it even more crap because as an exclusive it was crap already.

led10903990d ago

any proof?????? link or ur lying

likeaboss3023990d ago

I don't know about the sales figures but since it needs a beast of a PC to play it the way it's meant to be played I can see it cutting into the potential audience limiting sales. I'm not buying it for that exact reason. I don't have the money drop on SLI 8800GT combo (if you can even find one for MSRP) just to play one game. I have a feeling I'm not alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.