Sony Reflects on PS Move Success, Over 8.3 Million Shipped

Speaking at a PlayStation Move focused keynote during GDC Online 2011, Gabe Ahn, a developer support engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America, reflected on the recent success of Sony’s motion controller. He revealed sales statistics for the peripheral itself, the software supported by it, and even offered a glimpse into the future showing a compelling video featuring Freddie Wong’s take on what’s next with a head-mounted display fighting off Chimera in a virtual Resistance world.

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iXenon2618d ago

This is honestly the only game I want for my Move. I got a bundle for my birthday and played a few Move games but NOTHING is going to compare to Sorcery.

I wish Sony gave us some news on it >:\

blumatt2618d ago

Yes, I want Sorcery too. It's by far the best Move-only game I've seen. We saw it at E3 2010 and it hasn't been shown since. I'm starting to get worried it might have been scrapped. :(

And great job with the Move's success. It might not be the most popular device like the Kinect, but it's certainly the most precise motion controller on the market.

Soldierone2618d ago

It was at this years E3 too, and it was playable if I'm not mistaken. Looked really good from what I saw of it! Can't wait to pick it up myself.

Karum2618d ago

Sorcery looks awesome, it should have released a long time ago, it really could have been that early killer app to get people into Move much sooner and get more early momentum going.

stormeagle62618d ago

Yeah when I first saw the move announced and they were playing Sorcery on it, I thought for sure that it was the launch title they would use to "move" units.

liore2618d ago

Ya shipped but how many units sold?

BitbyDeath2618d ago

Nobody knows.
That figure is always untrackable.

banner2618d ago

Does it really matter? Shipped is sold to Sony anyway, in other words if walmart want 100 of them they have to pay for it first.

Redempteur2618d ago

well they are still shipping and people are still buying so retailers are happy and sony is happy ...

can you be happy too ?

SoapShoes2618d ago

All figures by manufacturers/publishers are shipped. Kinect figures are shipped, Wii figures are shipped... You getting the picture? It doesn't matter how many are sold when all you have to compare it to are other shipped numbers.

Baka-akaB2618d ago

shipped = sold anyway . The real results only affect retailers , as they will lower their next order if titles fail to meet expectations .

The whole shipped vs sold is only relevant in fields like comicbooks retail where retailers get a refund on unsold products

firelogic2618d ago

There is no distinction as far as Sony is concerned. They sold those units to retailers. End of story. Do you really think retailers keep ordering more Move units from Sony when they aren't selling them to their customers? Really? Sony just has dumptrucks filled with Move units and forcibly offloads them at all major retailers without their consent?

SilentNegotiator2617d ago

Sigh....are you REALLY playing this old game?

EVERYONE reports out shipped (which is "sold" to them, because they have "Sold" it to the retailer).

kneon2617d ago

This is irrelavent unless you need to know sales down to the minute.

Nobody keeps months of stock on hand anymore, just wait a few weeks and pretty much everything shipped ends up being sold. So if it's not 8.3 million sold now it will be very soon

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egidem2617d ago

"Ahn also went on to stress the diversity of game types that utilize PlayStation Move, referencing core games such as Killzone 3, while also highlighting more casual types of games such as LittleBigPlanet 2, and Eyepet."

That pretty much says it all. Sony shines when it comes to diversity...they have game catering for both casuals and hardcore - best of all, the Move is implemented in both seamlessly.

Anon19742617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

It's funny those that are trying to downplay this amount, like 8.3 million of anything isn't a lot. A bit oversimplified, but consider this, the Move controller has cost about $50 this entire time. So we're looking at these controllers generating revenue to sony somewhere in the realm of over $400 million. By the end of this holiday season, people will probably spent about half a billion dollars on Move. That's billion, with a "B". That's not even counting the navigation controller or camera.

No matter how you look at it, consumers spending half a billion dollars on anything is huge. Hell, you start figuring things in like the nav controllers, cameras, sharpshooters, charging stations, etc..etc...Move may be generating as much revenue for Sony as Kinect has generated for MS despite how Kinect caught on. It'd be interesting to see a more detailed breakdown in the financials, but that's not gonna happen with either of them.

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ftwrthtx2618d ago

I'm really liking 4 Elements HD with the move.

dbjj120882618d ago

Actually been tempted to finally pick one up... mostly because of Gamestop's steep discounts.

Tanir2618d ago

i got 2 controllers, 2 nav controllers, Sports champions, and the eye camera for 95 bucks thanks to gamestops discounts lol.

normally it would be 100 just for 2 controllers them selves

mikemadden2618d ago

I took advantage of the gamestop deal too. 2 moves, nav, the sony gun all for $67. then i got the ps eye and sports champ for amazon for $35.

GribbleGrunger2618d ago

get LBP2 and you'll finally have a reason to really enjoy the MOVE

shikamaroooo2618d ago

FAR from a flop good job sony

Bigpappy2618d ago

Most Move owners have at least 2. Some have 4. So if all those 8 mil were sold, that would mean 4 mil customers for best estimate.

So if there are less than 4 mil customers, the 3rd party support will continue to be limited. Sony still has a lot of work to do, to get more moves in users' hands. They should feally be tracking the number of PSEyes sold, rather than the Move controllers.

Soldierone2618d ago

Of all my friends and family that have Move, I am the only person that has more than one controller and I only have 2. The only reason I have two is because of The Fight.

Either way....why do people always find a way to twist the numbers from Sony and say its a bad thing? Sold is sold. I don't care if all 8 million went to one person, its still SOLD and in the hands of someone.

And you can't track the Eye either. A lot of people already had it or can buy it just to have it....Sony does still have work to do, but this just shows it isn't a flop like all the Xbots were making it out to be.

GoldenPheasant2617d ago


You still around, wheres RavinNomad or whatever? Seems you guys service each other under your bridge. Wha 'appen?

elshadi2617d ago

"Most Move owners have at least 2. Some have 4."
i want a LINK with that .. thank you

tiffac0082617d ago

Of course some Move owners will probably have more than one. Its a controller not not a single add-on device like the Kinect. There is a difference.

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RandomDude6552618d ago

Has anyone tried that House of the Dead for the wii? Tempted to give that a shot in a couple weeks on the ps3.