[iGG] Review | Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Cole Marentette of iGG says: . Does Edge of Time meet up to those timeless standards, or is it as lame as shoulderpads and pouches? My spider-sense says you should swing past the jump to find out!

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Criminal2595d ago

Shame. Shattered Dimensions was the best Spider-Man game since Spider Man 2

iXenon2595d ago

It was. I really enjoyed Shattered Dimensions, though it had little to no replay value.

Criminal2595d ago

Yeah pretty much all the Spiderman games had no replay value. Except for the one on the PS2. I can't recall it's name.

kma2k2595d ago

This game wasnt THAT bad, it was a button masher & it had its fun moments. But it wasnt a 5 it was about a 6.5 which still isnt great but come on it wasnt a 5

iXenon2595d ago

Well...that's just like...your opinion, man...

kma2k2595d ago

very true, but the review was just there opinoin, so i belive my score is relavent :)

meganick2595d ago

You don't fuck with the Jesus!

damnyouretall2595d ago

what the heck happened to spiderman games after spiderman2. could have built on that formula and have a kickass game as cool as the new batman. its a damn shame we cant tell people how to make a game right. years wasted with the license. what a joke