Generation Next: Xbox 720 And PS4

Chris from Fangwheel writes:
"2011’s E3 was one that I had been looking forward to almost from the start of the end of 2010’s. I was certain that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo would announce new consoles for the holiday of 2012. Nintendo delivered on what I was looking for from the expo with the Wii U, but the other guys are still holding their cards close to their chests. With all of this new speculation about Microsoft having employees strictly for the next iteration of the Xbox, and the Real Steel trailer certainly doesn’t help to quell the rumors; it has made me think about what I’d like to see from both companies. There is no question that this upcoming generation of consoles will arguably be the most interesting that we have seen yet, and it has me wondering what they are going to do next. Are the next Xbox and the PS4 day one purchases?"

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BitbyDeath2617d ago

If it comes with VR support then i'd be happy to shell out for it

zeeshan2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Day 1? No. Not for me. I am not that rich! I'd like to see how stable next gen hardware is. No more RROD and YLOD please. And no, regardless how great PS4 turns out, I do not want to pay 600 bucks for a video game console. Unless of course it comes with VR hardware which is unlikely ATM.

BitbyDeath2616d ago

YLOD was never an issue. You will always get issues like that with any piece of hardware be it consoles, tv's, phones etc

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Relientk772617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I feel like no one is commmenting because people are scared to say im getting the Xbox 720 or im getting the PS4, because either way you are gonna get alot of agrees and disagrees lol.

I am interested to see what both consoles will be able do. I think they will both be very impressive, especially graphically, but honestly I will probably get the PlayStation 4. I really hope they keep the Dualshock controller and don't change it though. No boomerang controller.

yabhero2616d ago

i for one would not enjoy dualshock 44 i like the Wiiu controller

caperjim2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

It looks as if microsoft is moving more towards an Xbox "service" rather then a new console. Window 8 will have xbox live built in and the "universal gaming portal" coming in 2012 points to this.

Maybe console manufacturers see this idea as a better option for making a profit. Launching new hardware while taking a loss on each console sold for the first few years might not be the best option this time around.

If i can play xbox games on my PC with graphics settings while playing with xbox friends, ill be a happy to pay for the service. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in 2012.

jeffrey2222617d ago

PS3 + PSVita = Wii Ughhhh

yabhero2616d ago

I believe you meant to say
PS3 with graphics 2 times better + PSVita in every box with larger screen and all the button of the PS3 dualshock controller and the awesome multiplats like BF3 and assasins creed plus Mario super smash and zelda in native 1080p = Wii UHHHHH OMG!(*passes out in amazemnet)

zero_cool2612d ago

Well PS3 & vita can apply the same concept as WiiU but take it further with far more flexibility from all the information that i've gathered!

ChickeyCantor2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Im really surprised MS just doesn't produce a closed "PC" dedicated to gaming for the living room. Added with a stripped down version of windows which is also capable of installing certain Games for Windows.

This way they will cover every aspect of entertainment and more.

I mean what is stopping them?

zeeshan2616d ago

Because a PC can not be placed in your living room.

ChickeyCantor2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Don't play dumb with me.
A pc doesn't have to be standing, it could even look like an Xbox360.

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