Worst and Best Video Game Clones

It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It's also said that every idea worth doing has already been done. Over the course of gaming history, there have been untold numbers of developers who have taken these words to heart, sometimes to garish extremes. The results are often pale shades of great games, discarded into the void of mediocrity and/or consigned alongside the other shovelware to the bargain bin. Occasionally, however, a rip-off stands out from the pack, whether because it so expertly captures (and expands upon) the spirit of its inspiration or, in contrast, is so terrible that it sits as a reminder that execution matters as much as the idea behind it.

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sonicsidewinder2621d ago

Always love me some Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

EazyC2621d ago

Mario? Wasn't that a clone of some really difficult Japanese game?

HeavenlySnipes2621d ago

Army of 2 was ok. I didn't like how every gun was basically the same or the terrible camera during coop. The completely stupid moral decisions that had BS lol worthy outcomes (you save a little kid then he goes and kills his family or some shit wtf?) didn't help either. But I had fun playing i with my bro

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