BF3 - More Weapons in Retail Version, Biggest Maps Yet, and Changes to Unlocks

MP1st writes, "More info is slowly being trickled out about the retail version of Battlefield 3. We've already covered changes being made to the UMP-45 and other weapons, including the bolt-action rifles, as well as changes to the spawn system."

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iXenon2618d ago

The amount of weapons in the beta was good, more is better.

Mister_V2618d ago

More guns, and more guns, and more guns, and more guns.

Criminal2618d ago

Hehe... Here's the video in case you don't get it.

HeavenlySnipes2618d ago

It's going to be a big hurdle for DICE to try and balance all the guns they plan to put in the game. I'm almost 100% certain that there are going to be loads of guns that are blatantly better than others, causing all the them to be useless.

I think that at less than 10 of each type of gun would be better if they want to make balanced gunplay.

Mister_V2618d ago

It is a bit of a worry. Better balance > More guns.

skip10202618d ago

people complain too much about balance, grow the fuck up, its a war game!! guns kill. i dont want guns feeling identical to each other or else there would be no point in variety.

Criminal2617d ago

Since when does balance mean the guns have to be identical? And what's the point of a 'war game' if it's not based on skill and instead centered on your ability to choose the right gun in the loadout menu?

Pl4sm42617d ago

real pros us anything they can find ... let it be an m9 pistol , ak74 , or a shoe with a piece of metal sticking out .

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Dart892618d ago

I agree i love to have lots of weapons to master it makes the game that much funner for me.

Criminal2618d ago

And you can get more mileage out of it.

Hufandpuf2618d ago

Guns on guns on guns... I have a gun made out of guns.

Kleptic2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

i'm not sure what this means though...

the beta had lots of weapons that would unlock, but would either be useless (a rocket launcher that would only work against vehicles apparently, Anti-Tank mines, etc..) on operation metro, or would be grayed out and not able to be selected...

but form what I could tell, the beta did have all the listed weapons from the leaked list for the retail game...I'm not confirming that, as I only reached a level 27 or something, its just all the weapons were listed in the battlelog 'future unlocks' section...

so does this mean the actual game will have additional assault rifles, pdw's, lmg's, etc.?...or are they just saying the full game will let you actually use them...which is about as obvious as something can get...

And i don't think anyone is worried about DLC, and what it brings to the final release...thats what everyone hates about DLC in the first place...I can't believe publishers already willingly talk about DLC when the game hasn't even been released yet...

and for the one was really saying the map was 'small'...they were saying it was linear, which the article kind of points not being a 'bf' map had more to do with it having very contrived choke points that were unavoidable...I can't think of any other BF game, including both BC's, that had such blatant 'you have to go this way to get to the objective' meat grinders...BF is about being surrounded when defending, or having 100's of ways in when attacking...metro was none of that...everyone knew where attackers were coming from, down to 'its either this door, or that one' in multiple locations as you progressed through the round...which I think had the most to do with people easily going 3:1 while defending with upwards of 40 kills...and then the opposite while attacking...

granted thats not just the map's design, that was the lack of vehicles, and the beta not allowing you to effectively use squads with friends you actually know...I guarantee metro won't be half as bad in the final version assuming the squad system works right...the times I did get in with a friend on the same squad with our make shift chat function (read: cell phone)...we were animals...but just playing was a mess in the tactical play sense...

Mister_V2618d ago

Were you also a little scared that Op Metro almost felt like a longer MoH map? But you're right, I think the play style on it will change at least a bit in the final build. I also think a map like that could play out differently once there are more players that have unlocked some of the later equipment and gadgets. Some of them are game changers.

Criminal2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

It did feel like a longer MoH map, but with 100 times better balance, weapons, customization,...etc.

Elwenil2618d ago

As far as the weapons, one look at the weapon lists that have been out for a while lists many weapons that I did not see in the beta. I was looking for the G3 but never saw it in my unlocks, nor did I get killed by any of the higher level guys with it so I don't think it was available.

As for the map, I agree it was not much of a Battlefield style map. It could have been though. It would be hard to make the map less linear with it being in subway tunnels but more side tunnels (like maintenance tunnels) could have been added to keep down on the choke points, but one thing I think would have really changed the feel of the map would be to keep the above ground portion. Instead of forcing everyone into the subway, I think giving players the option of going above ground and finding a way down to the objectives through subway entrances, manholes or holes in the walls of the basements of buildings or similar. I don't know how possible that would be, nor how well it would work with 24 players on consoles, but it would have certainly given the map a new dimension and would have had the choices as far a route that Battlefield players are used to. Just my .02

Killzone3Helghast2617d ago

Me along with majority of the PS3 gamers are getting MW3 anyways. Online passes, day-1 DLC and terrible pop-in graphics and tearing no thank you.

617MrBean2617d ago

Free DLC if the game was preorderd

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