Platinum Players Only Please

Playstationer writes:
We are all guilty of being overly zealous about a game from time to time, Whether it’s the guy that has all of the ‘Final Fantasy VII’ action figures and a girlfriend called ‘Aerith’ or the lady that has ‘Parappa’ tattooed on her foot, we all need to express our reasons for making that one game mean more to ourselves than any other person in the world.

Like many of you reading this I collect gaming figures but I feel this is not an entitlement to ownership. Anyone can walk into a store and purchase an officially licensed action figure. Not everyone can achieve a platinum trophy. I can shout and yell about how much I love a game but without that glistening platinum trophy on my scorecard my arguments are null and void.

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badjournalism2624d ago ShowReplies(5)
Sithlord-Gamble2623d ago

I also only go after platinum trophys for games I thoroughly enjoy. My plats r as follows: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Portal 2, Killzone 3, & Demons Souls.

Christopher2623d ago

I don't go for trophies at all. I have on platinum, and it's a no brainer for completing Sly Cooper. Probably will be the same for completing Sly Cooper 2 and 3. Sure, I could have gotten a trophy for AC2 if I wanted to waste my time looking for all the feathers, but why?

I play a game to have fun the way I want to have fun, not to match up to what some intangible little images say I should do.

trouble_bubble2622d ago

Maybe platinums are fun for some people too? If you like the game it's fun getting that 100% in it, you got your money's worth and people can tell what you're into. You help eachother, there's a community aspect to it. It ain't just a lil' image whispering 'redrum' lol! Same way if you like a sports team you probably have a jersey or something to wave.

Having 30 games sitting at 2% can tell you a lot too, like the guy's a casual that finishes nothing. *click* delete. I mean what are you gonna talk about, really? Title screens?

Wintersun6162622d ago

That's definitely a better approach than playing to collect trophies. I personally first enjoy the game as much as I feel like, and then check what trophies there are and depending on how I liked the game and how good or reasonable the trophies are, I'll go for a few more trophies or the platinum. That way I think I'm getting the best of both worlds.

badz1492622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

why? I also only play games I wanted and like and I do trophy hunting too! who says hunting for trophies is not fun? I am sure as hell having fun playing the games I love and going for Platinum in every single one of them although not all the time I can manage to due to limited time and there are other games to play too!

edit: by the way, I have 20 Plats and I enjoyed every single 1 of them!

Ramas2622d ago

i so agree with you, but i think very few people will understand you.
Most think that if they want to prove to someone thatthey are good or they like a game they must have platinum (i have few friends like that) playing all games just for truphies and ofcourse always using guides or internet how to get trophies faster)

M-Easy2622d ago

I have over 100 plats and hated maybe half of those games by the time I platted them. Getting the plat can enhance a great game and torture you with a bad one.


Christopher2622d ago

***Maybe platinums are fun for some people too?***

Where did I say that getting trophies wasn't fun for some people? In fact, this is exactly what I said: "I play a game to have fun the way I want to have fun, not to match up to what some intangible little images say I should do."

At any point in that quote did I say that going for trophies wasn't fun for someone else?

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Too_many_games2623d ago

i have a Platinum in only 2 games :(

Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection and Bioshock

bwazy2622d ago

Bravo on Bioshock, those tapes are a ***** to find. Especially if you accidentally missed one lol.

Too_many_games2622d ago

Soooo close with Dragon age 2 but due to some bugs...i am stuck with replaying it over again and getting all the materials.

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synchroscheme2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I normally only try to go for Platinums for games that I like, since after beating them I look to get more out of them.
I loved and still love Demon's Souls. However, trying to collect every weapon in the game is a very difficult task to do without farming upgrade items or using the dupe glitch. I get more satisfaction out of my experience with the game, rather than the trophy count or percentage.

thorstein2623d ago

One of the more frustrating for me has been LBP2 because I am killing myself trying to Ace every level.

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