Bethesda Crowned Champion Of 2011's Pointless Lawsuits "It's been a rough year for everyone in the gaming industry who isn't a lawyer, as 2011 has been filled with legal struggles that span a fairly wide range of issues. From wresting the control of website domain names to being the unfortunate security staff that had to deal with Sony's PS3 hacks, gamers all over the world have been given enough gossip and legal rumor to last a couple of drama-filled lifetimes. But lawsuits wouldn't be interesting if not for those few that take it to 'the next level'. It takes a special kind of suit to further degrade the court system from being a place of serious legal affairs to a children's sandbox where 'neener neener' and 'nuh uh' are appropriate rebuttals; and it takes an even more special kind of client to pursue the matter. So thanks Bethesda, for providing us with the most petty and underwhelming lawsuit of the year."

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mephman2617d ago

This whole thing really makes me laugh.

Hardedge2617d ago

Bethesda don't even care so why the frig do their lawyers even bother wasting everyone's time like this? It's retarded.

Cajun Chicken2617d ago

I also don't like this whole Fallout situation. It's unfair and greedy to pretty much force Interplay to give up every single right to the Fallout MMO even though the deal selling the IP was to set up that game. Also what's stupid is the fact as an addition to that, Bethesdea apparently isn't allowing universe trademarks of Fallout like 'Nuka Cola' in the Fallout MMO. It has to be very insulting to the publisher and developer which originally owned the rights.

jeeves862616d ago

I think they should win this award on the sheer number of suits filed.

Reborn2616d ago

I think Samsung may want a word with you.

The_Nameless_One2616d ago

I would have just renamed the game Senior Parchments.

GoldenPheasant2616d ago

you actually made me physically chuckle, bubbles dood.

ahhhhhhh....Senior Parchments...classic.

The_Nameless_One2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Thanks. It actually comes from a game me and my buddy play. See if you can recognize some of these.

Cogs of Conflict, Deity of Discord, Unmapped 2, Shout of Responsibility, SoR: Contemporary Armed Conflict...

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