Gaming Nexus - Aliens: Infestation Interview

Quote from article: "We're big fans of the Aliens franchise at Gaming Nexus so when we heard Sega was working on a new Aliens game we rushed out and pestered them with questions, below is the result.

Where in the Aliens canon does Aliens: Infestation fit? Is it tied at all to the Colonial Marines game that Gearbox is working on or its own entity?
Adam Tierney (director): When we initially started working on the title, we had several discussions with Gearbox regarding their game's plot, and how Infestation could fit into that. The Eve character in our game, who makes an early appearance, was taken from Colonial Marines. But speaking generally, Infestation features all new characters that hold up as a standalone experience. Essentially Infestation follows one squad of marines while Colonial Marines follows another. Gamers that play both adventures will find some satisfying connections, but you don't need to complete one game to understand the other."

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