Forza Motorsport Wheel Buyers Guide: Sim Racing Tonight

A wheel buyers guide to Forza Motorsport 4 and the Xbox 360. The Xbox has always been short on peripherals until now and that comes just in time for the release of Forza Motorsport 4. In this video the staff from SRT cover everything from playing with a controller to the new Fanatec CSR Elite while that is compatible with the xbox 360. They also cover some of the pedals that are available as well as shifters to round out the entire FM4 experience.

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Boody-Bandit2618d ago

I currently own the Fanatec 911S (2 actually), the GT2 and Thrustmaster T500 but I would trade all of them in to get my hands on the new Fanatec CSR Elite. That wheel looks amazing.

I can't wait for Fanatec to start taking preorders. I check their site a few times per day. My GT2 will just have to make due till then I guess.

EVILDEAD3602617d ago

Better man than me..just own the Microsoft Wireless and about to get the Speed wireless so friends can play co-op.

But, if i had that much fun with this thing, then I know you are in heaven.

If I literally didn't just by 8 games in the last few weeks, with another 12+ I'm buying in the next two months then I'd purchase a better wheel.

I'll just dream of these until next year.


BiggCMan2617d ago

I want your money!! Dang!! Also, not trying to be rude, but if you CAN afford all those games, how can you not be able to get a wheel? Just sayin..

EVILDEAD3602617d ago

Because I already own 2 wheels (one for PS3 & one for the 360) and enjoy the game. But don't get it twisted, I love this hobby, but it's F-ing expensive.

I'm not lying when I say that in the last few weeks I bought a super expensive wireless Turtle Beach headset, 2 copies of Gears 3 (one was the 150 dollar Epic), NBA 2K12, Madden, Rage, Dark Souls, GunSlinger, Forza 4 and the ICO/SOTC collection.

I'm buying the Wireless Sped Wheel before the weekend.

Then it's all downhill for my wallet

Kinect Sports 2
Dance Central 2
Batman Dark Asylum
Battlefield 3
Call of Duty: MW3
Elder Scroll: SkyRim
Uncharted 3
Halo Anniversary
Motion Sports Adreniline
Fitness Evolved 2

And a bunch of freakin' gifts..both the Sesame Street, Disney game, and the new Kinectimals will be bought 3 times over

As much as that is..I spent about the same last fall and winter..

So yeah..that's why I'm going to wait to buy the top of the line wheel. (which I hope is compatable with both systems)

Need a cheaper love the games that are out right now


Boody-Bandit2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

This is definitely an expensive hobby but my only crutch and luckily I have full WAF (wife acceptance factor). How are you liking those Turtle Beach (PX5's are they?)?

I don't purchase as many games as you. About half the games I play per year I rent but I do spend a ton of $$$ on hardware and perps. For me personally it's all about the immersion so I collect perps (fight sticks, wheels, headphones, racing pods and tactile transducers to shake the pod).

How is Kinect for head tracking? That's one device I don't own.

Forza 4 is sick on my favorite rig but I imagine I will enjoy it even more once I get the CSR Elite.

EVILDEAD3602616d ago

LMAO @ the WAF..Classic! +bubz!

I'm with you man..get the games how you can get them. I know I'm an exeption to the rule with the amount of games I buy, but with Blockbuster (there is still one alive near me), Gamefly, and now Redbox renting is definately a viable option.

I stepped on my amazing Tritons (and cried after buring down my last house)..kidding..but I found out that you would have to completely rebuy the whole setup (instead of just replacing the headphones)

So I bought the Wireless PX5s and even though I LOVED my Tritons, they still were wired)

Not only can I use my PX5s on my 360, PS3, and PC..I can take calls on my I-phone wirelessly as well.

Honestly it doesnt have complete GAF (Girlfriend acceptance factor) because I am lost in my own world at ALL times of the day and don't have to worry about the volume ever.

Best investment I've made in years..

Bought the Wireless Spped wheel a few hours ago, haven't tried it yet but look forward to having to NEVER EVER need to use a controller for a racer again. (even the arcade ones like the Burnouts and Blur)

Havent tried the headtracking on Kinect yet, but the Kinect controls in game are actually kind of funny. I can see why they only use it in Arcade mode. They are honestly just fun for having a couple of people mess around in split screen. Which we noted will be a bunch of fun with friends over. (brilliant Turn 10)

You are my HERO for getting the CSR..I NEED one eventually..but until then please PM me your first impressions..add me as friend if you need to

Happy gaming


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