EEDAR Survey Ranks Most Influential Game Review Outlets

GameInformer: Video game reviews are meant to give gamers an idea of whether or not they'll want to play a game, but how often do they actually influence purchases? Today EEDAR published the results of a survey which aims to answer that question.

EEDAR asked 3,500 gamers to rank how much the reviews of their favorite game media outlet influence them when purchasing a game (it's worth noting that to be included in the survey, respondents had to own either a PS3 or Xbox 360 -- sorry, Wii owners). These outlets were rated on a five-point scale, with one being "no influence," and five being "very influential." Most outlets ended up smack dab in the middle. Here are the major findings, via a handy infographic from EEDAR.

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NukaCola2617d ago

"Video game reviews are meant to give gamers an idea of whether or not they'll want to play a game,..."

Not at all. They are meant to give an educated assessment of it's quality and a solid overview of what to expect. They rate on different factors and determine to the individual review's stardards, what the game holds best and worst, and the general opinion as such.

Reviews just critique and outline what the game is to the reviewer. His/Her opinions aren't the deciding factor of squat.

And this whole Number system and METACRITIC is really ruining gaming. That's why I like it when people don't post to meta, like Xplay and Adam Sessler has the best reasons not too.

Anyone who wants to buy a game will regardless. Reviews can be your second opinions if you choose, but it's always best to make your opinions from a first hand playthrough. I think demos are better termed for an influence of a purchase or wanting to play.

EVILDEAD3602617d ago

I'm going to be 100% real

There was a time when EGM had all the power, with Gamepro as a fun sidekick.

Fast forward and the landscape has changed..

Metacritic by far is the most influentual when it comes to reviews. It doesnt even matter what is written.

Game Informer by far is the most powerful magaine in the US by a landslide

OXM is huge for the 360

OPM and PSM are significant for the PS3

GamesPro sticks around but has NEVER truly influenced based on its fun factor reviews

IGN iby default of continung as one of the last premium site to still be standing is defiinately the other most siginficant review site.

Everything else is secondary.

Either way, we come here to N$ to hear and comment about it first and that's why RULES the web in what it does.


StanLee2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Metecritic is an aggregate site. The only influence they wield is in determining which sites' or publications' reviews are listed. The list of the most influential overall isn't surprising. IGN and Gamestop are holdovers from gaming journalism's formative years and Game Informer is the industry's largest publication. GameTrailers' influence has grown. They have great video reviews.

EVILDEAD3602616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

@ Stan

We ALL know what Metacritic is..but what has happened is it's influence has made the final score have an infinite amount more influence than individual reviews. I listed the rest that matter.

Mags..Game Informer for the masses

Sites..IGN has the power to start major discussions on the web

The official game mags can have some influence with any other mag just fodder
for Metacritic.

The rest of the media from Sessler to Game trailers are only effective if you happened to catch them individually.

As gamers who hit the forums and websites like N4G we are more informed but alot of the fan blogsphere and the console war rhetoric mentality of the Internet has nothing to do with how retail responds to game and in many cases the complete opposite.

Just keeping it real as to how it's trending in the last few years. Although everyone is different.


2617d ago