Worldwide Sales Of Dark Souls Top 690k, PS3 Version Leads The Way

According to data published by VG Chartz, North American sales of Dark Souls for it’s launch week broke the 250k mark. PS3 sales of the challenging action rpg lead the way with 166,526 copies sold since launch followed by the 360 version moving 89,922 copies.

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Hellsvacancy2620d ago

Well atleast theres 89,922 360 owners that hav taste, good for them, Dark Souls is awesome

units2620d ago

the game was PS3 exclusive is in Japan and other areas

elshadi2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

it's not exclusive in japan to ps3
the real reason is xbox sucks in japan

EVILDEAD3602620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

We will know the true numbers when NPD drops..but that is great for the 360 considering Gears of War 3 is still selling, Rage sold huge on the 360 and Forza 4 was on the way.

I have the game and lmao at using a hunter as my first character and getting my @$$ kicked early and often. I put it aside for now, because I had to finish Gears, got absorbed by Rage, and now Forza 4.

But, I recommend Dark Souls for anyone. It just was soo similiar to Demons Souls which I had revisited and put some major major time in early in the summer, that as much as I love the challenge and all, i'm longing for Skyrim more than ever. Until then I will wait until I can get some major hours to get lost in the Dark Souls universe.

It's just a great time to be a gamer


Dante1122620d ago

Seems like a really good game. Great sales.

chadachada1232620d ago

<b> Somebody </b>
didn't read the article. PS3 sales are near-double that of 360 sales in the US. Japan is irrelevant here.

Anyway, as a 360 gamer, I'm loving this just as much as I loved Demon's Souls. Perhaps even more. Unwavering but fair in its punishment, just the way I like it.

PeZuS2619d ago

Yes it is exclusive in Japan. Not that it matters much but it's still exclusive over there.
"Of course, this is just for the PS3 version. In Japan, Dark Souls is being released through From Software exclusively for the PS3. The international release is for both PS3 and Xbox 360."

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killerhog2620d ago

I wonder how many of them are already dead lol? I kid, I kid, 360 owners. I luvz yahz tooz.

Trophywhore2620d ago ShowReplies(4)
specialguest2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

This is news because this is a franchise that gained a cult following with no hype or marketing campaign to become what it is today. A game that retained its hardcore style and refused to conform to the mainstream just to please everyone. People love to see the underdog succeed, and this franchise has become a success.

CGI-Quality2619d ago

Dark Souls is a separate franchise from Demon's Souls. People seem to be confused about that.

Dark Souls is a spiritual successor, but Demon's Souls is a Sony owned.

specialguest2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

It is the same franchise just like how final fantasy is a franchise, and none of the FF share the same world. Other examples: elder scrolls series, Tales of...series, etc.

In this case, we could presume this will be the Souls series.

Iamback2620d ago

vgchartz lol

much higher than that

PeZuS2619d ago

You would know, wouldn't you?

Zomboid-G2619d ago

In all honesty, is there something about vgchartz that I don't know? Do they spread misinformation? I cited them once here and got some nasty replies.
I'm not trying to troll or anything, just curious.

PeZuS2618d ago

Not really...most users here just don't realise that they release sales estimates (and not shipments like in the big three's quarterly reports).

maniacmayhem2617d ago

vgchartz is slammed by everyone UNLESS they report great numbers from their favorite game/system.

GamersRulz2620d ago

well deserved sales, congrats From software

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