Sony Confirms Day-And-Date Downloads, Free-To-Play Support For Vita

Gamasutra: In a talk aimed at developers, the SCEA senior staff developer support engineer told them that any retail game can be bought on launch day from the PSN Store. This is, in part, he said, so "you can just leave everything on the Vita -- it's a completely-self contained device."

While this has been stated before, it's been unclear at times whether it applied to every single retail-packaged Vita release; Norden confirmed that it does.

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Redempteur2624d ago

"We know everybody wants it on PS3 so we're doing it on Vita," he said.

euh ...well ...

blumatt2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I'm pretty sure that's how the PS4 will be too. Day-and-date downloads of games or you can go to the store and pick up a bluray copy (I'll choose the bluray copy, personally.). And I'm pretty sure that PSN online multiplayer play will remain free on the PS4 as well. This is good news for the Vita. Can't wait!

DaTruth2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

It's not technically impossible on the PS3. Today every new game could have CGC, but every old game(99%) wouldn't have it available and that is just stupid, so Sony isn't gonna do it!

Or they could ask every dev to redesign the game in patch form which they wouldn't have to do and wouldn't want to do because what is Sony gonna do, turn of compatibility!

It's not technically impossible, it's just logistically impossible!

Edit: reply was for the comment below.

Karum2624d ago

Yeah the statement does sound silly but when you consider the fact that cross game chat is technically impossible on the PS3 it does make sense.

Perhaps he should have said "We know everybody wants it on PS3 but since that isn't possible we're doing it on the Vita". That would have sounded a lot more sensible.

Redempteur2623d ago

Thanks to the kind souls you think i didn't know that already.

i'm not mad at sony .... it's too bad really ..i hope this feature will be compatible with the PS3 video chat even if it's not cross game ( text chat too )

it would suck if i have to re register all my current PSN friends

LordStig2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

"the Vita's PSN Party functionality is cross-game voice and text chat"'s a phone as well!?
for $249 i feel like i'm ripping sony off.

NukaCola2624d ago

If you peeled of the Vita logo and put an 'apple' there it would of been sold for $2000. People do not seem to realize that this piece of technology surpasses nearly every tablet and phone out on the market and it's UI is rivaling PSN and XBL combined. This is truly next gen handheld gaming for a price that is more than gracious. I have never seen anything so incredible in such an inexpensive package. This system is handled more right than any I have seen before. Almost everything about is perfect. I have no doubt this little beast of a console will pave the way for all other devices on the market and set the PS3 up for success and the future of PSN as well.

UltraVegito2624d ago


This man speaks the truth.....Bubble up for you.

cpayne932624d ago

I know, what's with some people saying it's too expensive?

StarWolf2623d ago

lol dont worry im sure you wont be when your buying a few memory cards.

Enmson2624d ago

Free to play on the move? A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!

jujubee882623d ago

There are a few bad people out there willing to buy a PS Vita day one only to hack it in an attempt to pirate games. Most could have essentially seen what happened with the PSP (being the second most pirated platform in the modern era) and could cared less about the implications it lead to: drop in dev support, less imports, more updates in software and hardware for PSP.

With a free-to-play title, piracy of any video game would end. Still, entertainment is not that easy. There are a few very greedy game creators that make bad games and charge people a lot of real money to buy fake in-game items, bad levels, etc. This is the case with a few iOS game apps and their creators.

Sony will make sure all games will run and look top quality but, I would still check out game meta-ratings on Vita's "Near" app to see what is up ... Much of the success for good free-to-play games, zero-tolerance for hacking/piracy and, general upkeep of the PS Vita brand will be up to Sony but, fans should also use logic and really do what it best in the short and long term for the Vita.

supremacy2624d ago

Cant wait for this device to come out, seriously I want this platform now.

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