Gamesradar- Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Multiplayer Preview: The Wii is not enough

Gamesradar: "Goldeneye 007: Reloaded has all of the bullet-points expected of a modern shooter: 16-player online multiplayer, four-player split-screen play, 14 game modes, 58 playable characters, 14 maps, and over 40 weapons. It looks good, too, lacking many of the scars that are often shown when a Wii game is brought to HD consoles. It’s obvious that the developers put a lot of time into making Reloaded feel like its own game – not a sloppy port of a Wii shooter.

But after playing a dozen or so games of split-screen and a handful of online matches, we couldn’t help but think that Reloaded often felt like a fan mod for Call of Duty, and not its own game. As we sprinted around the new maps, playing the new game modes, and firing new guns at new characters, we often forgot we were even playing a James Bond game. It wasn’t until we picked up the Golden Gun or the laser from Moonraker that we’d be reminded that this was, indeed, supposed to be a successor to Goldeneye."

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SovereignSnaKe2618d ago

"I could have given you the Wii", "The Wii is not Enough" :D

ChocolateGiddyUp2618d ago

"For England, James?"

"No...for Wii."

SovereignSnaKe2618d ago

~lol, at least someone has a sense of humor tonight! :D