Asia powers PC rebound in computer gaming industry

Asia powers PC rebound in computer gaming industry

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Glorfff2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

from article;

"Entertainment industry research firm DFC Intelligence said in a market report released in September that the PC could dethrone consoles as the dominant hardcore gaming platform in three years.

Data from the firm showed that the global PC games market raked in a record $16.2 billion last year, up 20 percent from 2009.

Although the console games market -- valued at nearly $25 billion in 2010 -- outperformed the PC platform last year, DFC predicts a reversal of fortunes by 2014 because consoles have lost momentum."

I like how they put pc gaming up against all consoles including ps2, wii, ds, 3ds, psp, ps3 and 360 and it still almost makes as much as all of them combined......

PC gaming is Killing it

It easily makes more money than ps3 and 360 combined!!

But.....shhhhhh....don't let the media know, no one from "pc gaming" is giving them Billions in add revnue.

Don't you wish your console makers would spend that money on fresh new ip's, studios, games or paying for you to get all that idiotic day one dlc free instead of lining ign, gamespot and all the other giant media conglomerates pockets with your money?

I know I do, I own all the consoles and buy the good exclusives, but man there is a ton of shovelware to sift thru, not saying there isn't on pc, there is, but there is a lot more freedom and creativity there too!

Ohhh well, We can pretend that ps3 and 360 are the only things that count and talk about call of duty sales on xbox360 forever!!!!

Farsendor12617d ago

agree with everything you said