5 Gameplay Changes Needed to Improve the Pokemon Franchise

From PSS:

With Pokémon Rumble Blast set to hit stores shortly, many fans are wondering when the next game in the franchise (one associated with a color) is going to hit. More importantly, many are wondering what the next generation of games is going to do on the new handheld. It seems the perfect time to finally update the formula and make some much needed changes to the franchise. To that end, I’ve compiled a list of changes that are necessary in order to take the franchise further and really give fans what they want.

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Misterhbk2617d ago

Pokemon needs one thing only and that's the ability to download patches and updates. Just imagine if instead of being force to go out an buy the new pokemon game right away you could download up update that gave you all the new pokemon, movesets, and items. This way all the games would allow for competitive battles with one another instead of being locked out by the generational gaps.

For the people who want the new adventure and cities, they could go buy the game. There were a lot of features in soul silver and heart gold that I preferred over white and black. Like the ability to set levels in wifi battles instead of forcing everyone to level to 100 (which only promotes cheats).

darklordzor2616d ago

Patches and Updates would actually be an awesome way to solve some of the problems. I agree, there are many things I liked better in Heartgold than in Black (especially the menu system).

Enmson2617d ago

the only thing i want is when they make new pokemons just let them look cool agian.

Shadonic2617d ago

Ive had a game idea for a pokemon game for consoles where you play in a more anime styled 3D open world just like the ones we play in in games like skyrim and GTA but its pokemon and their are multiple worlds or regions ranging across the games. This game would have multiplayer and it could also be an MMO if done right. The battles would be more in depth to where the four shoulder buttons would be for moves other buttons would be for other things like jumping dashing all of that and movement and targeting. Basically imagine ninja storm style fighting but its pokemon and there's a more fair interface in fighting.

darklordzor2616d ago

Yeah I think a Pokemon MMO would actually work fairly well. I mean, it's already set up with different regions, and the idea is to collect random creatures spread throughout while battling other people. That's a perfect set up for an MMO. I know I'd be down for it.

TruthbeTold2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Graphics update, and limit the number of new Pokemon are the only ones I agree with. Maybe better mini games, but I don't really care about that. You pretty much can't change the amount of moves that Pokemon can know at a time or the entire game will be changed.

While Pokemon surely is a kids game, it's also surely a game for adults, and it is so largely due to it being so deep and balanced. You can't/shouldn't sacrifice balance for extra and unneeded depth though. Especially when wanting more moves on a Pokemon pretty much tends to mean that your team and/or strategy is lacking. I mean should we add more moves to Chess? No. It is what it is, and what it is works fantastically because of what it is. All of that being said, Nintendo created (without being cheap or too limiting), and sanctioned Pokemon MMORPG ftw!