Top 5 Myths About Multiplayer Skill

"While new (and yet unfounded) theories and rumors are introduced daily to the forums, there are a few classics that never seem to die." - MP1st

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Beahmscream2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Good read. Your K/D means NOTHING, people should focus more on W/L and being a team player. I'm looking at YOU camping CoD players!

Edit: I'd also like to add MP1st has had some great articles lately.

Dart892617d ago

I agree i can't stand my teammates camping when the objectives are being taken so what i do is go near them fire off my gun so the enemy can see us and they eventually kill us screwing the other person over.

Oh and prepare to get spammed with hateful messages xD.

Beahmscream2617d ago

Oh you're right! I almost forgot... *flamesuit activated*
There we go XD

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2617d ago

How dare you do that to me Dart!!! Nah im just kidding, I dont even see the fun of sitting in a corner, wauting for an enemy to pass by. But if im not mistaken, didnt uncharted 3 just have an update that made k/d only count in TDM? If so, good for you ND.

Washington-Capitals2617d ago

Funny how you say "looking at camping cod players" like people dont camp in other games. Obviously COD has the most campers because its the MOST POPULAR GAME, so by sure # there are more campers. And by whatever definition you people define "camping" as every other game has it, in BF series you better not be "running and gunning" like rambo and expect to win or even help your team out.

LoVeRSaMa2616d ago

I am sorry, but I do have to disagree with a few things in there..

K/D is important, because if you die lots, you are no use to your team, and by having lots of kills, even if you are not playing the game mode properly, you are still helping the team out.

Trick shots that is the epitome of skill in my opinion, being able to do ridiculous shots, jumping in the air and getting head shots, that's what people want to see, noone gets praised for playing a reasonable game of TDM or CTF...

Just my 2 cents.

torchic2616d ago


that's bullcrap because i can have a KDR of less than one, but have like 6 captures and 5 defenses on 18-man Domination because i was trying to play objective and, while doing so, i kept getting noobtubed and flashed and grenaded trying to secure or defend positions. imo that's where MW3 will excell, rewarding you highly for playing objective with xp and killstreak points.

also trick shots don't prove how good you are. if you're 12 years old then yes, i'm sure you'd want to see that.



I think it's a careful balance of the two. If your team mates are keeping the enemy off your back so to speak by constantly killing them.. that gives you the time to focus on capturing the objectives.

If you are playing as a team well, the better their KD is, the less focused on you the enemy will be or at least they will not be able to get to you so easy because while they try, they get picked off.

If your team really is crap and you all have crap KD's, well they will be dieing a lot and you will find it's a lot harder to capture the objectives because it's overrun, because your team is not getting any kills and when you show up to grab an objective, well you will just end up dead as well.

It's all balance and just because a guy has a high KD does not mean he is not objective.

when I look at an opponent I tend to take more notice of guys who have high KD's because they are going to be the bigger problem when it come to me hitting my objective even if they are not bothering to be objective.

trenso12616d ago

@LoVeRSaMa thats comlete bs K/D doesnt matter at all i went 2 and 13 in Bc2 one game. we won and i was the top player because i was helping the tema stay alive by reviving them and giving out med packs K/D is stupid and should be thrown away, W/L is more important

JaredH2616d ago

Yeah I have a K/D around 2 in most games and a W/L a bit higher than 1 because I actually do the objectives. The most annoying thing is playing a mode like CTF and you're losing because your team's camping not even close to your flag or the other teams.

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Criminal2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Yes, playing the objective is the one thing that I wish more mp players would understand.

P.S. Thanks for the kind words about MP1st; we are truly humbled. You said "lately", well we've only been around for 54 days. ;)

Beahmscream2617d ago

Is that so? Well congratulations on the early success! Keep up the fantastic work :)

MariaHelFutura2617d ago

54 days in n4g world can produce some trash.

Mister_V2617d ago

Thank you kindly sir! Very appreciative words.

narutogameking2617d ago

There's a lot more campers in Battlefield 3.
The fact that these maps are so big only encourages camping with snipers.

solar2617d ago

bf3 doesnt reward you for camping like killstreaks in other games we know. plus ive never had problems with snipers/campers in BF games like i do with BLOPS. DICE has put enough in the beta to show to me they dont want campers.

Suicide_King2616d ago


I disagree completely. Dice has always indirectly promoted camping snipers via the following: mortar strikes from long distances, claymores, mobile spawn points, and a heavy point emphasis on kills.

I honestly wish BF3 would use the Battlefield:Play4Free point system, it puts much more emphasis on teamwork. Most of the time the top player doesn't have the most kills.

trenso12616d ago

the beta had a crappy map operation metro felt more like a COD map than anything

Trophywhore2616d ago

I dont get the disagrees. Its not like disagreeing will make me feel any differently about my kdr.

Some things just shouldnt be agreed ar disagreed with.

HappyGaming2616d ago

Being proud of being bellow average?
It would be alright if you were a bit happy that you were above or if you didnt care that you were bellow but being proud of underachieving... really??

masterofpwnage2616d ago

Maybe because its a game dude and he really doesn't care. It's not like it affects his real life gumtrol. Hard to believe, but alot people don't take gaming seriously.

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caperjim2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Imagine a world with games that didnt register K/D in objective gametypes. People would actually play the gametype the way its meant to be played instead of concentrating on kills.

Also W/L isnt a good representation of skill either. Its more of a "team" skill not an individual one. Those with high W/L usually playing with friends on their team using their headset communicating with each other. This is certainly a smart thing to do but there are many others who mainly play alone or with just one other friend which doesnt compare to the opposing "stacked" team.

A high W/L means you usually play well with a team that communicates. It doesnt mean any one person has excellent skills.

Drake1172617d ago

People who say K/D means NOTHING are usually the ones that are terrible at multiplayer lol. If you are dying all the damn time how is that helping anyone. Yes there are players that have a high K/D because they camp, but that doesn't mean that everyone with a high kd is a camper and has no idea how to play objective. Staying alive and keeping pressure on the enemy team is the key in any multiplayer game type period. By staying alive you are allowing your team members a closer spawn point to the enemy objective and you are constantly keeping fire on/killing enemies which makes it harder for them to get organized and make a push back. Sorry if i sound offensive but if u have a bad kd then you are probably one of those people that blindly run towards objectives and put yourself in bad situations because you don't think about what you are doing. /rant over

RememberThe3572617d ago

Well said. Most of the time the team with the better K/D wins, and for the exact reasons you said. My K/D is never really great, I hang around 1.2-1.5, but it's easy to see that when I'm having a good game the other people on my team have an easier time. Areas where you can bottle up are suddenly open and objectives can be cleared faster. If you have no one who can serve it on your team your going to have a hard time winning.

Septic2616d ago

Yeah I have a KDR of over 2.0 or 3.0 in some games but if your win/loss is rubbish then consider yourself a rubbish player- unless there are extenuating circumstances such as someone playing on their own but happning to be lumped in with rubbish team mates.

Highlife2616d ago

My problem isn't with people with high K/D it is with players with a complete disregaurd for objectives. I like to play Domination sometimes but that mode can suck so bad when you have a team that doesn't want to take domination points. Instead they camp near a capture point and wait for someone to pick off or stroll around the map killing people with no intent to play the way they should. They are playing free for all in this mode and it pisses the hell out of me. Anyone can go into an objective based game and go rouge and have a high K/D. Takes more skill to play take objectives and still have a high K/D.

TheBossMan2617d ago

Uhh... the author clearly admitted that KD means EVERYTHING when it comes to death match game types, so... please put your comment into perspective. If the objective of the mode you are playing is to rack up kills and avoid deaths to make your team win, then KD is basically a direct measure of your value to the team.

OR you could be a douche sniper that slowly accrues 5 kills from a hidden spot on the map, then predators, then harriers, then AC130s your way to a high KD. This is fine if you shoot aggressively and often, but if you're taking one shot every 30 seconds at most, then please stop being a bitch and go to a more populated location.

Drake1172617d ago need to read my comment slower, i clearly talked about objective game types and camping so im not exactly sure where you coming from with all that nonsense.

TheBossMan2616d ago

@ Drake - I wasn't replying to you... Pretty sure my comment would be indented after yours if I had been.

BigBoss072616d ago

I think the best representations of skill in an FPS is your 1) accuracy percentage, 2) your reaction time, 3) your time playing the objective, and 4) the time you spend fulfilling your role. Your K/D plays some importance, but it can be easily outweighed by 3 and 4.

These are the four things I was tested on and now test on when in competitive clans.

Suicide_King2616d ago

Couldn't agree more. Wish games would rank that way.

Cenobia2616d ago

I don't think accuracy is a good measurement at all. If you are afraid to lay down suppressing fire because it will ruin you %, then you are not doing any good for your team. I will empty clips on people just to keep them down while I/others advance.

People also exploit accuracy, especially in COD. I have seen ratings for accuracy through the roof, presumably because people only use knives or something.

BigBoss072616d ago

^^^I actually agree with you. If your more of a support and assault guy, then your accuracy is definitely going to be lower than say a CQB or sniper guy. I should have said I test people on accuracy and reaction based on their role in the game.

You wouldn't want a sniper with a accuracy percentage of 50% in your clan would you? or a CQB guy with a slow reaction time. Depending on their role, I look for a minimum value that I'm looking to pass in a persons skill and depending on their performance, if they excel in their role, I definitely want them to join.

Sorry for not clarifying that in my original statement.

kikizoo2616d ago

K/D means something, in deathmatch ! (only in games where skill is the key : unreal tournament and his clone halo, kz2, etc)

+ when you play a team deathmatch 20/21 is not better than 12/3 ! like dumb scoreboards shows !

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iXenon2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I agree with the end-game equipment one! It applies to MMOs especially

Mister_V2617d ago

I think the stat that mattered the most in the Battlelog, was your FRIEND list! Haha.

sickbird2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Im sorry, you dont need a 2.00 to be good but if your KD is below 1.00 you suck hard.

and having a high KD doesn't necessarily mean you're a camper.

iXenon2617d ago

Chill, dude! I have a 0.8 K/D in BC2, but I can still kick your bum in a private match

sickbird2617d ago

9 people here suck at shooters i guess...

Grizzl32617d ago

Or prefer to play objectives.

sonicsidewinder2617d ago

generic youtube comment that aint funny.

Suicide_King2616d ago

Up to 20 now. Probably because your comment was farce.

Hicken2616d ago

My K/D averages below 1 on everything but BC2 and KZ2. But the number of assists I average? In a 50-kill match like Uncharted, I average 6-8. In BC2, depending on the game type, it was closer to 12 in SDM, and could be over 20 if the two teams in Rush or Conquest were evenly matched. I'd have more revives, spot assists, heals, and ammo refills than kills. EACH. Not combined. And that's at 10-15 kills.

I could come out of a game with a .63 K/D and yet be first on the board because I'm supporting my team in other ways. I'm calling out enemy locations from a good vantage point, or giving orders as to the best way to currently get to an objective. Stuff best done when NOT on the front line getting kills.

My teammates get more kills because I'm keeping THEM alive, or stocked with ammo. These things aren't as important on, say, Call of Duty, but they go a long way in other games.

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Drake1172617d ago

I have no idea why u have so many disagrees. Guess there's alot of ppl on here looking for an excuse as to why they suck at multiplayer games. He is completely right lol if u have a kd below 1.0 your terrible. Its not about camping or playing objective its about staying alive and helping your team out. Hey if u want to be that idiot that has a .5 KD because u run straight towards objective without thinking or watching your angles then go ahead die alot and don't help any one out.

NarooN2617d ago

Funny you say that because the friends that I have with KD's below 1.00 are the ones who always complete the objectives.

NuclearDuke2616d ago

I agree. If you go below a KD of 1.00, you really have a hard time playing First Person Shooter. Killing, might not be the first priority in Capture the Flag, but it damn helps your flag carrier get his ass back home safely.

TL;DR: Storywriter is a baddie at FPS and probably a console user.

BlackTar1872616d ago

what does console user have to do with anything? Im equally as good at consoles as PC.

You Computer fanboys are ridiculous in that your all really full of your selves.

PC = Easier anyways. Using a Mouse and keyboard is not some huge task even my wife could do it.

Suicide_King2616d ago

@BlackTar 187

PC easier? Right, auto-aiming on consoles must be to make things more difficult...

BlackTar1872616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

PC is easier it is easier to pin point someone with a mouse much easier. I don't know what games you play but ive been a CS since before 1.6 and a BF player since the release of Bf1942 also sprinkle in most FPS like Crysis, Fear, Soldier of fortune and ill stick to my guns saying using a PC Keyboard and mouse are much easier . I don't really see how you can argue Auto aim is whatever in alot of games you can turn it off but using a controller to pin point accuracy takes a little bit more time to do. Which is why PC always would win the pc/console crowd because its just so much easier and quicker to get a bead on some one from any distance with the keyboard and mouse. Personally i don't see how anyone can argue thought it was a pretty common knowledge thing and a big reason people prefer it. Trust people don't prefer the Keyboard and mouse becasue take more skill or because its harder.

I didn't think about it but auto aim on consoles is almost a way of them saying its a little harder to aim with tyou thumbs on consoles. To each there own but i have no idea how you can think the pinpoint accuracy and speed of a mouse is anything but easier.

RioKing2616d ago

^auto-aim is overrated and overcomplained about. Trust me, its role in fps' is minimal at best. Honestly, it annoys me more often than it helps me...I can't think of one time I've ever had to say "thank goodness for auto-aim".

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HeavenlySnipes2617d ago

I think KD does somewhat represent your skill level. If you are playing a team based mode like Domination and you have 2 kills and 17 deaths (unless you have like 8 captures) you are really doing nothing for the team. I don't mean to say that the camping bitches that sit in corners far away from the objectives are better than you, I'm saying that the people that capture a decent amount of flags and are actually able to,you know, SHOOT BACK (at the very least) are more valuable.

If you can't kill anyone then its going to be pretty hard to clear out enemies and capture or hold anything.

caseh2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

K/D represents your skill to some extent, i've seen this discussion on the MAG forums numerous times where people would start a thread along the lines of 'Killers or Healers - Most Important?'

I played in a clan where all players had a K/D of 2.0 or above, I think they lost maybe once and I stuck with them for over a month and some of the beatdowns I seen during that stint was ridiculous. Downside is players who have high K/D tend to be selfish, don't expect them to rush out to revive you when you're down.

Fact is if you kill more people you are more useful around objectives.

aquamala2617d ago

A player with 3-1 has better kd ratio than one that has 12-9. Who is the better player?

Grizzl32617d ago

Well, if it's team deathmatch, the 3-1 guy, obviously.

aquamala2617d ago

^^^^^. Wrong, the 3-1 guy has 2 more kills than deaths, the 12-9 guy has 3 more kills than deaths, the 12-9 guy is helping the team more in tdm.

Criminal2617d ago

I'm with Grizzl3, it depends on the game mode.

wsoutlaw872616d ago

Ya the truth is theres no way to judge your skills based off stats. The only way to prove you/your clan is better that theirs is to challenge them.