Reviews Have Little Meaning Today

Reviews today seem to be more skewed and questionable then ever. Back in the older days IGN was one of the primary go-to sources for reviews. However, gaming journalism in general has become a joke, specifically reviews which are nearly pointless. Too many games today are getting perfect 5/5 or 10/10 scores. Truth is, no game is perfect nor will one ever be. To be labeled as the perfect game it has to cater to everyone and be perfect in every way. That’s practically impossible. That’s not to say games can’t be great, because they can, but no game is a perfect 10/10.

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Hufandpuf2621d ago

little meaning? Even previews of a game tend to sway the consumer to either purchase or avoid. The validity of the review doesn't matter anymore.

GamerSciz2621d ago

That's the sad thing. Reviews used to be helpful for those who didn't want to fork over the cash to buy a game and worry about returning it if they didn't like it. Now it's just to get hits on their site or create controversy. Some people give a great game a bad review just to make people argue. It's sad really...

smashcrashbash2621d ago

Gamers have become too immature for reviews. They accept the really good ones and attack or dismiss any review that doesn't tell them what they want to hear. And reviewers in turn are afraid rate the popular games badly in fear of losing gamers' trust or hits, so they ignore every obvious flaw or make excuses for the game in question. They don't even take off marks for glitchy MP anymore. You only hear about them AFTER you buy the game.