121 Questions Answered by Robert Bowling

If you have a question about Modern Warfare 3, chances are it's answered in this article.

I went through Robert Bowling's Twitter stream to find 121 questions with answers about Modern Warfare 3.

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Beahmscream2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

-16 maps on the disc on release
-The Hardened Edition comes with a year of ELITE and ELITE includes all DLC.
-Barebones is in
-Titles and Emblems can not be created like in BO, and will be similar to MW2.
-Two attachment max if you have the Two Attachments weapon proficiency on each weapon
-Online Splitscreen in MW3
- Matchmaking and Dedicated servers on PC. Only P2P matchmaking on consoles.
-MW3 will have more kick and recoil than before.
-No Wager Matches.
-Theres lots of awesome camos, and of course you’ve got to unlock something when you max out the rank of a weapon
-Michael Myers is in private gamemode
-Enhanced Theatre Mode
-Explosives (yes, grenade launchers) less dammage
-You cannot jump in juggernaut suits

Relientk772617d ago

Happy to find out theres 16 maps, thats pretty awesome

Evil$cotsman2617d ago

He used 2 say tht adding guns would have balance issues now he says they could if they wanted. If they ever do add guns in dlc it would be more trouble than its worth because every1 would be forced 2 buy dlc to stay on same level of every1 else(if the gun is good tht is).