Mass Effect 3: Does It Really Need Multiplayer?

GameZone discusses the pros and cons of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, trying to figure out if it really needs it at all.

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DemonStration2617d ago

Having it tie into your single player game is weird. At what point do I play it then? Normally I start multi after single, but then I'd be influencing a completed game.

BakedGoods2617d ago

Play it how you want, that's the point.

princejb1342617d ago

it doesn't need it since its already awesome but adding it will make it more awesome

NYC_Gamer2617d ago

nope,but it's the trend of many devs to pull in more sales

Quagmire2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

pretty much this. They're not trying to do something differen or revolutionary, just an excuse for more DLC, an annoying Online Pass, meaning more revenue.

If they were really passionate about MP, they wouldve added it from Mass Effect 1.

Whats next, Horde mode in Dragon Age 3?

lastdual2617d ago

I want to believe that this wont matter, but after DA2, it's hard to shake the feeling that Bioware has just lost touch with what used to make their games great.

Hopefully it's just a feeling...

boommuffin2617d ago

Bioware is still the same studio its just that EA controls their every action now, it was probly EA who told them to streamline ME2 & turn DA2 into a wannabe hack & slash

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The story is too old to be commented.