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Brutal Gamer writes:

Namco’s Ace Combat series is a weird wish. It’s been around since 1992 and has carved a solid following of fans. Yet despite that it has never really managed to make it’s mark on the global gaming consciousness. With Assault Horizon Namco Bandai are pulling out all the chocks and burning all thrusters to change that.
The last aerial title I reviewed was IL2-Sturmovick last year on the PS3. That title did a good job of translating a PC stalwart and moving it to a more mainstream console audience. Ace Combat has never really had that problem as the game has always been a console based flight game. It did lack some immediacy and in later years it lacked a real focus or sense of moving with the times.

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Shojin12617d ago

Leaving work early to play this with friends. Looks insane!!!!!!!!!