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Pete at The Controller Online writes: "Back in 2007 when Crysis was originally released on PC, many gamers ran into the same problem as myself, our PC’s just weren’t good enough to run it. It was a beast graphically and you needed a monster of a PC to run it. Luckily for us, Crysis has now come to consoles, and they have no problem running it."

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Shojin12621d ago

Having a good time with this game. Great purchase... I didnt have the time or money to invest in Crysis back in 07 so thankfully it finally came to home consoles. PS seems to run it just fine...

Tyre2621d ago

PC Snobs/Elitists can't withdraw from clicking the disagree button, how typical. Sigh.

jack_burt0n2621d ago

Its actually tempting to buy it for trophies and the bonus of not finding myself tweaking the god damn ini files to get "maximum performance" from my aging old rig.

LOLconsoles2621d ago

Why isn't the ps3 version getting any reviews? I mean I know the console versions look rather fugly but the ps3 version must be really shitty to not get any reviews. I have yet to actually see a single ps3 review for crysis.

Yodagamer2621d ago

thats because they are equal, if they weren't there would be million troll articles on here about say the Ps3 can't run crysis and crap like that (not hating on ps3, but this is n4g afterall and we know that those articles get approved)

execution172621d ago

bought it, finished it, loved it, and the ending made me ??? lol now they just need to bring over Warhead so i know what happened >.<

caboose322621d ago

Warhead doesnt explain what happens in the end. It's just Psycho's pont of view on the other side of the island with a whole different story.

execution172621d ago

ah, well I want to see what happened on the other side of the island. I would borrow my brothers copy for the PC but it went MIA >.>

caboose322621d ago

Check every once in a while on steam because during a good sale it will probably be around $5, and it's worth it because I found it to be a better game then Crysis.