IGN - Which Shooter Should Be a Movie?

IGN - From Halo to Gears of War, which popular shooting game deserves to be a big Hollywood movie?

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farhsa20082620d ago

If done right I think a Resistance movie would be excellent.
Imagine the bleak alternate history world with the crazy weapons and the ugly chimera on screen!

jony_dols2620d ago

Uncharted is the perfect film candidate. That's why Sony are so eager to bring it to the big screen.

I'm sure Neil Burger will do a great job with it.

Also Bioshock has serious potential for the big screen, but unfortunately the studios don't want a film with a R rating. That's why its been put on hiatus...even though it has backing from the likes of Guillermo del Toro and some of Hollywood's best producers.

vishant1012620d ago

The Best choices would imo be halo and gears not because of them being exclusives but because they are larger stories with plenty of lore. the universe of halo would probably be the largest in gaming and a universe that large has plenty of stories to tell. The gears of war series has great characters that would help a movie and once again the gears universe also has multiple stories that exist but have not been told a E-Day horror style movie could be great.