IGN - Where Is the Batman: Arkham City Review?

IGN - We're almost ready to weigh in on the Dark Knight's latest adventure, Batman: Arkham City. Find out when you can expect the review.

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BiggCMan2619d ago

Of all the articles on IGN, these are the dumbest type by far. They CLEARLY do this for extra traffic. They write one up for nearly all the big games, and then they get more traffic once the review article comes. What the hell? Do people REALLY ask that question? Does anyone here have a legitimate answer?

cyborg69712619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Yeah I mean really a preview of the review. Bollocks.
I thought the embargo was lifted on friday the 14th so that's when we'll find out from everywhere.

SilentNegotiator2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

N4G seriously should not accept these articles.

This is what the "Lame" report was made for, as far as I'm concerned.

despair2619d ago

See I didn't know when the embargo is lifted and I read IGN reviews so its nice to know when its coming and I don't mind the little articles like this, why should it bother you its clearly written in the title what the article is and no one is forcing you to view it.

BiggCMan2619d ago

I'm not viewing it, I saw the headline, and decided to add my two cents.

rezzah2619d ago

It's so desperate for hits it's lame.

Even if no one is holding a gun to your head, this "article" on when to expect a review makes less sense than asking the question at what age do babies learn to speak.

With the baby question varying outcomes can occur based on different reasoning, where as with this review question it is either before the game is released or after. And since IGN is a big reviewer, they tend to get their work out before the release.

So what's the point in asking "when to expect this review", other than the fact this is meant for hits, there is no need to ask the question because the answer is already so obvious the asked doesn't need to be asked at all.

despair2619d ago

Firstly do you really think a site as big as IGN would be "desperate for hits" they are the biggest gaming site there is, they're not exactly hurting.

Secondly your baby analogy is severely flawed. It has no relevance to your point and even that is flawed as well. Its very simple, people like me want to know when the review for Batman AC is coming out, they tell us when we can check back for the review, how is that not just a nice bit of convenience.

I use reviews as a guide to buying games, as do many other people and seeing reviews before launch is very helpful and since I don't automatically know when every game embargo is set I have to rely on these sites to tell me when I can get the review.

You people are very cynical and jaded and coming from me that's a big thing as I'm the one people usually call that.

MidnytRain2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )


It is pretty pointless. In addition to the "Where is the [INSERT TITLE HERE] Review?" articles, they have the "Review Preview" articles all leading up to the eventual (actual) review. They may not be desperate, but these articles are pointless and can only be described as an attempt to pad out some numbers.

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Kran2619d ago

Just what I was going to say.

Quagmire2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Wow. This is as bad as the bullshit Review-Preview videos they release now and again.

TheBossMan2619d ago

I don't so much ask where their reviews are as wonder aloud to myself whether it'll be written poorly and with an extra spoonful of bias. IGN was good when I was a young teen, since then their reviews have become just one more to throw into the aggregation heap.

spirited2619d ago

You cannot get more crappier than what IGN is today

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