Playstation Announces Four New Sponsored Call of Duty Players

MLG is pleased to announce that our friends at PlayStation will be sponsoring four of the hottest Call of Duty: Black Ops players on the Pro Circuit—Big Tymer, Stainville, Rambo and TeePee—at MLG Orlando this weekend and at the National Championships in Providence next month.

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BakedGoods2619d ago

Links dead.

Judging by the title alone, sounds like a smart move for Sony.

Hagaf222619d ago

Seems interesting considering COD on 360 still gets DLC before PS3. I am curious way Sony isn't fully supporting Dice and the BF series of games. Sure BF doesn't have the fan base of COD, but they have a real opportunity to have a strong partner ship with Dice which would truly add some competition to the already tense battle of COD vs BF

Hazmat132619d ago

not a huge fan of COD online, so is this good news?

killerhog2619d ago

People still watching mlg? Would of thought it died long ago. Honestly who watches people not use skill but rapid fire controllers play?